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my adjective for today is ‘happy’ because i truly am blessed to have a job that fits me so well. but i’ll blog about that topic, and additional adjectives, at another time. take care and be well – have a terrific day!

Who wore their dirty shoes inside my house?

I look around, and SOMEONE walked in my house with dried muddy shoes. I see evidence on the basement stairs, basement floor, and feel remnants of it under my sock-wearing feet.

Now, I’ve noticed this phenomenon for the past two days. Which directly coinsides with my wearing of my black Doc Martin mary-jane shoes.

And i’m astonished that no one is cleaning up the dirty floor – it’s not a lot, but it’s noticable. Will somebody please sweep the floor??! It’s not that big of a deal…just do it. NOW.

*readers, please note that I live by myself… therefore it’s my fault – the dirt, that is. However, I find it rather funny when I actually think to myself “why hasn’t someone cleaned that up yet?” as I step over the dried mud clump en route to the stairs. You’d think I’d catch on after a few days…

**a beautiful update**

– saw dolphins swimming in pods… they were beautiful
– the sunset over the ocean – stunningly beautiful
– met a friend’s recently adopted new son – he was beautiful
– flew back home on an *early* flight (up at 3:30, etc.) and went directly to work…I’m so dedicated that I’m beautiful
– rearranged parents’ basement furniture – made room beautiful
– home didn’t explode while I was away – it’s still beautiful
– brought potted plant via airplane (from mom)… it doesn’t enjoy being transplanted – hopefully someday it will be beautiful
– a child cried today because she didn’t get a turn to be the ‘duck’ at circletime… the fact that she was so interested in my lesson, well… that is beautiful
– have done two loads of laundry since arriving home… the chore is probably my least favorite (at times) – the fact that two are complete is beautiful
– bought some new clothes for the trip – they made me beautiful
– went to a seafood buffet on the shore… although expensive, mom had fun and truly enjoyed herself (as she never treats herself to anything) – that was really beautiful
– did absolutely nothing for a full day, while resting in the sun with sand between my toes…just beautiful
– am considering a journey across the Atlantic puddle, have lots of questions for both seasoned travelers and natives… the fact that I have you all is beautiful :)
– didn’t watch television for days… read a few books (I usually have 2 or 3 going at once) …and that time for nourishing my soul was beautiful
– sleeping in my newly assembled four-post bed for the first time in days – that was seriously beautiful.

looking forward to tomorrow… will be thinking about the adjective for my next entry. Rain welcomes suggestions… and comments about what was recently beautiful in your small corner of Earth.

Google Fishing? and Flying

so far I’ve been fairly impressed with the game (although I’m not certain this is technically part of the game, rather the links people use to get here?)… and just looking today there were three new searches:
1) another way to say “sizing someone up” (page 1) on
2) helium balloons sink in rain (page 1)
3) smile rain (uh, i have no idea…)

Last night’s dinner was so fun – my friend and her husband stayed rather late, and we talked (he brought homemade cheesecake – yum) and had a really nice time. I’m very thankful for them – we’ve recently gotten reconnected… probably a God-incidence… (not coincidence) :)

Paid most of my bills! Will call about the one high bill with errors (while waiting at the airport)… yippee! No taking them on vacation
Am packed (mostly)
Just need to do dishes… but what to do with trash? can’t very well leave it inside… if i leave it outside a dog might get it… perhaps i’ll take the trash with me to school? no, no… i’ll put it in the outside trashcan and put the trash can inside the yard fence… oh – rats. i’ll figure something out :)

Am leaving on an airplane this afternoon… I brought stuff for manicures, hand treatments, two decks of cards, mancala, and dominoes… all fun games in my humble opinion… (girl time) …i’m off to the BEACH :) Take care, be well, and although I love you all and am so thankful for this technology-age in which we live, I am going to ask my mom to keep me AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER!!!!!!! …just for a few days :) try not to miss me too much… ha.


Oh no… this morning when I took my shower, the water started to gather… wasn’t draining. I was totally bummed. Ok. These things happen… while washing and rinsing, I’m coaching myself – “it’s no big deal… those drain-clearing products aren’t good for old pipes but they’ll work… especially if i use lots of water w/ product… and, if worse comes to worse, I can always call a plumber… what did I do to clog it so quickly? Only been in the house a few weeks… well, perhaps 6 weeks, but still… Rats. Ok. This is what you need to deal with as a homeowner… you’re a big girl, you’ll get through it…No biggie.”

Ok. Got out of shower. Totally ok with spending $100 to have a plumber come to the house to fix pipes…

…looked down, and saw a bottle cap (from shampoo) in the drain! BEST NEWS!! as far as I and my wallet are concerned, that was the BEST kind of shower clog to have. Cap removed. All fixed. Looking forward to tomorrow’s not-so-stressful shower session :)

In other news… am preparing for my trip… time is sneaking up on me… and I know (deep down inside) that if we were to add 1 or 1.5 hours to each day, we still would pack it full of things to do… so there would really never be enough time. Must work on time management. I’ll make a list of additional things to do when I have time… that will be numero uno.

Anyway – worked late (to prepare to leave), came home and immediately mowed the lawn (always takes longer than I anticipate – probably the tree in the back yard… messes up my mow-pattern-technique), then went to the clothing store (had a $25 off coupon!), to the bookstore to buy 1st b-day gifts for babies of friends I’ll see on my trip, then to the grocery (to get makings for sweet/sour chicken – friends over tomorrow night… i figure if i entertain fairly often, my house wont’ get too messy)… and now it’s just a matter of paying bills – so the water isn’t turned off in my absence! …taking out the trash… and making dinner for tomorrow night. oh, and laundry… but that’s always a work in progress.

hope everyone is doing well… I’m on my way to bed, but most of you will be up in an hour or two… take care and enjoy your day! You can do it! Whooo-hoo! Yae team :)

[**update** dinner is prepared… just need to turn ON the crock pot in the morning and cook for a full 8 hours. laundry is coming along… house will easily tidy up tomorrow… Haven’t paid bills yet.. perhaps I’ll bring them on my trip??! if that’s the plan, best find them quickly, ‘eh? Procrastinator? where? I don’t remember seeing someone who procrastinates… nope. Nuh-uh. …have nooooooooo idea what you’re talking about…]

comfort food

*sniff*sniff* Yummy!

so i had a few extra apples… and sliced them, put them in a baking pan with spices and sugar and some oatmeal on top… baked for a while… and viola! yummy apple-something.

i’ve got some french vanilla ice cream around here somewhere…

(it’s currently cooling… and instead of watching it cool – which would mean i took a nibble in 2 minutes and burned my mouth (ouch) – i’m sharing the wonderful smells with you via this blog. i only wish i could share… perhaps i’ll take it to work tomorrow… they really liked the brownies last week.

oh! i’m visiting my parents in a few days – am taking some time from work, and will travel to visit them in baltimore, md (just outside of the Washington DC capital). mom and i are going to the beach for a few days… and i’ll get to see to college friends and their lovely little children (meet the newest member – one who has just adopted a baby from guatemala – he’s beautiful!)

am looking forward to a few days out of town…

pathetic balloons today

well, had another open house today… advertised in 3 local papers, and two ads on internet sites… and i got there early with my hellium balloons…and i got everything set up…

and it began raining… pouring… rained so hard it was hard to see 3 yards ahead.

…so, the balloons didn’t fly and flap and attract attention…they lay pathetically on the ground…unmoving…unflapping… it was rather sad. no one came… rather, no one came until the last 20 minutes. the rain had eased a bit…

i find it rather funny – the two weekends i spent $ on advertising, hardly anyone shows… the first few unadvertised weekends, i probably had about 15 or 20 people all together. go figure.

it will take a special buyer…someone buying their first home (who wants to build equity instead of paying rent) or someone interested in downsizing…perhaps an older person.

I’ve found a service that… if i pay a flat fee… they’ll put it on the computer database system used here by all real estate agents – that way, i can still get exposure, but won’t have to pay commission for someone to represent me. I’d like to earn that money myself, thank you very much.

Went to church today – decided to take the membership class, which starts in a few weeks. I really like the pastor… today he was talking about community… some of the topics/thoughts i’ve expressed on here… about being important… about relationships… about pride vs. humility in what and why we seek community… kind of went along well with some of the discussion on blogs re: blogging itself. …it was good… validating… and, i think i’ve got a bit to work on. i’m still a work in progress. but i’ve done so much work already! amd such a different person than even a few years ago…but i’m still a work in progress… every moment, each learning opportunity… something or someone teaches me something… Anyway – tomorrow is another day. *^*goodnight*^*

conversations with coworker

was talking with a coworker yesterday… during some down-time between clients… talking about friendships, significant others, and how to get our emotional needs met…

I mentioned that, a long time ago, my mother told me i was very hard on my friends.

…my coworker said she could see that.

but what does that mean?

do i have high expectations? if someone doesnt’ meet my expectations do i throw them out with the trash?

i’m not part of a “group of people”… not sure why. although, my city is very difficult to break into socially. there are many people who would consider themselves in my inner circle… but they may not know there’s another inner circle…(and people in that inner-inner circle, whom i feel comfortable with and who know many parts of me, may not realize they’re in that inner-inner circle)
i feel as though no one really knows me – perhaps that has to do with moving around a lot growing up? being independent, self-sufficient…? but i don’t consider those bad things… who knows.

I have had enough experience to know that if someone doens’t have anything to give me, then i need not spend precious emotional energy on that person. for example, although she’s my sister, she doens’t make me feel good, she’s often mean (and sometimes she’s not, which is confusing), but i don’t beat down her door begging her to spend time with me because often I don’t feel good around her… am on the defense.. always protecting myself..

so i’ve been living in this current city for over six years. and i have met people, and have girlfriends… we schedule get-togethers 2 or 3 weeks in advance… they’re on my calendar. but… where’s the “right now” friend? what if i need someone right now?

I wonder if that where romance and a significant other comes in? am i at the point in my life where most people have a significant other, and i’m the minority, which is why many of my friendships are not fulfilling that need… because they’re not designed to…?

my coworker said all of her friends meet different needs… that each one of them brings out something different in who she is, in her own personality… and that it’s too much to expect one friend to meet all of those needs.

intellectually, i agree.

but, at the same time, i’m wanting to be fully known by one person… known and accepted. loved, too. and perhaps i’m asking too much of my friends – i get easily disappointed… i think i am a good friend (except when i forget birthdays, but i do give to them in other ways)

so perhaps i’m missing what i don’t have? is that possible…? probably.

today, a little before now…

hello. i slept until 9:30… unheard of. today i have absolutely nothing scheduled. it’s all mine. perhaps i’ll go to that clothing store – they’re having a sale. and i might unpack some boxes. and i might watch a movie.

…perhaps i’ll be still. not plan. take the day as it comes.

sometimes things/people/schedules get too crazy and hectic, and i can’t think.

today i will just be, and see how it goes… just be.

it’s ok if i’m not 100% productive… sometimes a girl needs some down time.