mental health day

i’ve decided that i will be sick tomorrow. i’m a bit stressed and/or overwhelmed … need to take some time for me. need to figure a few things out… and work on some stuff… and not explode (that can get messy). i give 110% in my job, and at the moment i’m operating on approx 23%… you do the math. tomorrow is about refueling. i’m deplete.

HEY MEN – is it a good sign if… i lent a book to a guy, needed it back (fyi: we decided to take dating off the table before meeting for the first time …a few weeks ago) …anyway, is it a good sign if we met in a parking lot to exchange the book, and it’s apparent he changed his shirt and put on cologne or aftershave lotion? or am i just being a girl and reading too much into it? i wonder if he’s trying to impress me? or perhaps he was just trying to cover the ode-de-bachelorhood… (this happened about 11pm my time). he was cuter this time around…(2nd in-person experience) and it wasn’t’ the shirt/scent combo. perhaps the situation was more real…less choreographed. who knows.

hope you’re all doing well. thanks for reading, and for your comments. they truly brighten my day… or make me think. sometimes both. thanks for making me feel so welcome.

4 thoughts on “mental health day

  1. thank you, both, for your responses… i’ll take it somewhere in the middle. perhaps he spilt cologne all over his shirt earlier in the day and had to change it…

  2. Is this ‘he’s change his shirt since you lent him the book’ or ‘he’s changed his shirt since you saw him earlier in the day’??

    It could be you’re simply reading too much into it, maybe he’d spilt coffee on the one he was wearing earlier. Or maybe not….

    Sorry, that wasn’t actually very helpful was it??

  3. I dunno … but good on you for taking the day … I had one on Wednesday … my body well and truly let me know it needed the mental time (does that make sense?) … anyway, good idea, enjoy it!

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