this is what i do for a living…i found this cartoonist is rather funny, however i wonder if it’s only entertaining to people who work in the field??! …i welcome your thoughts… click on “next” to see some others…there are about 30 images… one favorite is #13…#15 is pretty good too…and #27…

now it’s time to get back to work! dont’ have the right kind of tool… need to get a screwdriver… i have about 8 of them, but they’re all the wrong size or shape. so now i have to put on more decent clothes so i can go to the dusty hardware store and buy another tool… at least it’s only noon my time :)

7 thoughts on “testing…

  1. To answer your question: A pillock is an english way of calling someone a stupid, idiotic fool. One word for 3.

    Welcome to the world of Wib.

    Music suggestions:


    Randy Stonehill – quirky and serious music

    Larry Norman – the father of christian music

    Daniel Amos
    Keith Green

    These are the first wave of Christian "rock" music. All from the US.

  2. thanks for the english lesson… and i didn’t vote for him – either time. i’ll check out those artists :) do you (or others) have any to recommend who are from your neck of the woods? i’m off to do more ‘settling’…

  3. did the u.s. get k.t. tunstell?


    i could see you liking her.

    (btw, you can’t write a link in the comments bit cause it won’t let you, so you have to do clever things like writing DOT in order to put one over on the internet powers that be. ;-) or use the website section above, but sometimes bits get cut off of long addresses.)

  4. nessa, hello dear one – i’m streamlining her music at this moment… love it! thanks for the recommendation :) she’s actually doing a usa tour at the moment, and is coming to MY city! (however, that’s the ONLY weekend i’ll be out of town… i’ll fly out about 3 hours before her show…i considered postponing the flight…but i’ll just purchase her music instead)
    :) sounds like one groovy chick…

  5. Yes, speech synthesis systems, so I was very interested to hear about your graduate thesis.

    If you’re still interested in the topic, the people at Carnegie Mellon organise a workshop each year: link above. There were about a dozen papers presented in 2005. No, we’re not entering; our work is in Welsh…

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