the balloon fairy

am trying to sell my condo… today was the first time i advertised it in the local paper… so, to help with the grand opening i got helium balloons… white and red – to match the ‘for sale by owner’ sign.

it must have been quite a sight to see me with a huge bouquet of balloons, trying to get them untangled so i could tie them onto the signs… some of them i had to give up on (too tangled) it was pretty funny – hope to have provided LOADS of entertainment to passersby.

…no nibbles today, but i’m not discouraged – someone showed it yesterday to a delightful young girl who’s looking to move out of her parent’s house. i’ll follow up later this week.

anyway, after the open house i thought “what shall i do with these balloons? can’t save them… they’ll deflate by next weekend… hmmmm.” so i drove over to my nieces’ house (three girls under the age of 8) and i tied some to the lamp post… some to the porch stair, some to the porch rail… and a few on an iron chair.

and then i sneaked away – i hope they see that the balloon fairy visited them this afternoon. i considered calling and asking if they’ve seen the balloon fairy around the neighborhood, but i wonder if they’ll put 2 & 2 together by themselves…?

(i’m anticipating a slightly confused phone call from my sister at some point this evening… asking if i know anything about balloons in their front yard.)

2 thoughts on “the balloon fairy

  1. well, the balloon fairy sneaked away… and a few hours later, she decided she couldn’t stand it anymore… and called the house… asked to speak to ‘S’ (3 years) b/c she’s youngest and would be most open and accepting to balloon faries… well, ‘S’ did NOT understand the direction to open the door and look outside… so the phone got passed to ‘G’ (6 years) who saw the balloons, didn’t care to hear an explination of a balloon fairy – ‘G’ kept repeating (with no time to hear any answer) "but why are they here? but why are there balloons here? why are the balloons here? but why are…?"

    meanwhile, ‘H’ came to the phone (8 years) and wanted an explination about a balloon fairy, and what was it all about…? the balloon fairy was very pleasant, and explained that she (balloon fairy… let’s just call her BF for short, ‘k?) well, BF visits homes on occasion, and decorates them with balloons to surprise the little girls and boys that live in the houses… and wasnt’ ‘H’ lucky that BF chose their house??!

    …well, ‘H’ continuted to be confused, but her mommy later told BF that although the children did not understand about the BF, they truly were enjoying having the balloons…

    ***the moral of the story is: don’t call them… let them call you.***

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