Thoughts on being a princess

an old friend brought her 16 month old baby to my house for a visit this evening… between dinner and bedtime (so it was a short visit)… but we had some tea (in my hand-made mugs) and I baked some delicious brownies (fudge-like w/ extra chocolate) served w/ coffee ice cream…. what a treat!

…in college I received three (3!) marriage proposals when I made a butterscotch cake for a friend’s birthday party… perhaps I should volunteer to bake for a similar occasion in the future :)

Work is relatively stressful at the moment… I feel like the further I go, the behind-er I get. There’s so much to do for my students … and with my current caseload demands, it’s very difficult to address every need on a weekly basis, let alone tackle the bigger projects. I need to make a master list – yes! that’s it… I’ll make a master list of what I want to address with specific students, and take it from there. I’ll try to remember that tomorrow – sometimes my moments of clarity get clouded in all of the mind juggling currently going on…

Oh, this is funny – there’s a guy I’ve been communicating with… not many sparks (but he was a bit cuter the 2nd time we met)… we had a private joke about me being a princess… started with the 4-post bed I put together (long, complicated story for another day)… ’cause, you know, princesses sleep in high 4-post beds with a canopy…. anyway, this is how I responded to him… he hasn’t written back yet – Can’t decide if he:
A) thinks I’m incredibly charming and is taking time to write a creative email response… OR
B) I’ve totally weireded him out and he has removed me from his ‘friends’ list

[excerpt correspondence between Rain and her male-pen-pal-person – MPPP for short]

HE SAYS: hopefully you sell [your condo] soon and can buy a canopy…

SHE RESPONDS: you know, I’ve been thinking…about what to do once I get my canopy… shall I kiss a frog? Perhaps fall into a deep sleep… or maybe I’ll go live with seven short men who work in mines… Putting a pea underneath the mattress isn’t necessary (it’s already well known that I bruise easily)… and, anyway, vegetables belong on a plate, not in bed. …Perhaps I’ll ask a pumpkin to take me to a grand party (wearing two glass slippers – me, not the pumpkin). Actually… I think I’ll wait and kiss Prince Charming. That’s what the storybooks usually say…happy ending and all.

I could have responded in a very nice, normal way… but I decided to respond in a Rainy way… wanted to find out if he can go with the flow… it’s very important that a man be able to play with me – verbal banter and intelligent talk are a must… I wonder what will he do…?

…I’d be interested in your comments… How do you think he will respond? :) I’ll keep you posted – check the comments section in a few days… unless, of course, it was truly option #B above :) …which would actually be a blessing – I’d know he isn’t able to play. Perhaps he’ll surprise me…

Anyway, have a good day tomorrow!! I’m looking forward to some rainy weather :)

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on being a princess

  1. is there a prize if we guess the right answer??

    I’m guessing that he just doesn’t reply to emails straight away. You’ll get the reply, oh…. thursday evening, maybe friday. After he decides how he’s going to reply.

  2. Oh, Yes! A prize would be fun…spice things up a bit. still no word – perhaps he’s reading up on his fairy tales :) i’ll keep you posted.

  3. your cake sounds very good. Mmmm. Ca-ke.

    If he can’t play, best know that sooner rather than later. You’re right.

  4. Unfortunately, there were no winners to the contest. It is currently 10:26am on Saturday morning, and there has been no response from the guy. Perhaps he’s just not that into me. A-ok – no biggie. Now I can spend my emotional energy on other things and people… yae :)

  5. No word from the guy yet – It’s currently Friday morning… so, Bimble, you still have a day to win the prize!

    I’m thinking A) he’s so busy he can’t think B) he’s so enamored of me he can’t thin or C) he’s so scared of me he can’t think… or perhaps he’s just trapped under something heavy.

    thanks for your always encouraging words, ee… hey! next time i’m in the area i’ll bring you some of that cake…(sharing with wife is mandatory, of course!)

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