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remember what my colleague said about the grocery stores? …when they have a surplus of eggs, bread, milk they call the weather people?

well, i went today – before rush hour. let me tell you …everyone was there!

the roads are very slippery and slide-y… thankfully, i’m home safely (although instead of parking next to the back door, i parked in front… just in case i need to go to work tomorrow… they’ll probably have roads cleared by then. although it is hailing and sleeting and snowing and there’s ice everywhere… who knows?

i got some packages wrapped, but didn’t have the ‘umph’ i was hoping for. perhaps after eating a very late lunch/early dinner i’ll curl up with a book (original plan for the day)

hope you’re all doing well, whatever season you’re in :)


introduced Mom to wikipedia… and through various links to introduce her to stuff, looked up ‘backronyms’. very interesting, actually.

and here’s an example – (b-im-b-o)
Bimbo has been interpreted to mean “Body impressive, brain optional”[20]however there is no mention of this relation in dictionary entries.[21]

I wanted to tell you… that it’s snowing/ice storm during rush hour traffic… you know what that means??! SNOW DAY! Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m getting a snow day tomorrow! I haven’t gotten one in about 3 years, and I’m thrilled – a day to do whatever I want! Businesses will be open, I can acutally set up appintments for repairs at my condo… pay bills… wrap presents – hooray!

I’m getting my groove back at work… was feeling a bit distant and disengaged for a while there… but now i’m feeling more like myself.

not much more to blog about at the moment… except that i’m gonna go curl back up in a nice, warm bed and read… and perhaps take a mini-nap before getting up for the day… snow days are the best – unexpected time… what a gift. thank you weatherman!

p.p.p.s. a coworker has a theory: whenever the grocery store obtains a surplus of eggs, milk, and bread… they call the weather channel, and pre-arrange poor weather… the forecaster predicts it, the people buy the milk, bread, eggs, and the food doesn’t spoil.
(methinks that’s a good theory, because sometimes the weather people are right, sometimes the weather people are wrong… so there’s an element of mystery… who knows if they’re telling the truth? perhaps it’s all fabrication. except for today – it’s really icy out there)

pretty funny

1st page for “anti leaf for gutters”… searching ‘pages in the UK’. not bad – but i’m still waiting for the day when it’s a totally random, completely unrelated-to-my-blog type of hit. we shall see…

stayed at work until 8:30 last night, and i’m totally exhausted. it would be really nice to stay in bed, or go home directly after work… but no. i have a dr appt, then a church membership meeting. i can’t miss any more meetings… or else i’ll have to do it again next semester – and it’s only a few more weeks. I’m not sure about the church at this time, but tomorrow I’m meeting with one of the deacons to discuss “pre membership” stuff. so i’ll have tons of questions. we’ll see.

hey! thanks for reading – i appreciate the support, and the comments, and the overall sense of community. thank you :)


yesterday was an intense day – schools are very difficult places in which to work…

but i’m going to try to stay out of the politics there, and just focus on my students today – we shall see… it’s difficult to do that (sometimes) when the custodians are told to move your office furniture/file cabinets while you’re trying to prepare for a meeting. …and when you walk in on a monday morning and can’t find your materials or papers (because the administration moved them). tiring really.

i borrowed a book from the library a few weeks ago. actually, it’s over 4 weeks ago. the reason i know this is because i’ve renewed it twice. it’s probably about 500 pages or so… and i’m only on page 132. by my calculations, i should be digging into the final chapter after Christmas.


hope you have a good day! i’m off to start mine…

exhaust vs. exhausted

why does adding an ‘ed’ to the end of a word change its meaning so? i mean, i realize that ‘ed’ is a grammatcial morphological ending commonly used to mark past tense, but come on – this is totally different.

exhaust – car fumes, transportation waste….
OR it could mean deplete, of nothing else, no more.

so i guess they really do mean the same thing.

exhaust – deplete
exhausted – depleted.

yup. same thing. different word. i’m tired. deplete. totally exhausted. am going to bed now. these are the things i’m curious about during the day. word play.

acutally – before i go, funny story. i have laryngitis. went to work today – voice is raspy, but works.

so was working with a student (speech therapist works w/ young children w/ variety of disabilities) on vocabulary… asked her to say “turkey” but as I said it, my voice broke due to laryngitis.

darned if she didn’t imitate me and break her voice too… her little voice flopped all around while she said the word. it was endearing, really :)

procrastinator’s mantra

today’s adventure includes:

1) waking up early to a phone call from a girlfriend hurting/in distress… at this moment, boys are stupid.

2) a real estate agent called to show my condo at 12:30… so i went to the copy store to make new brochures (reflecting the new price, etc. …which took about 2 unplanned hours)

3) stopped by my friend’s parents’ house (the ones who came for Thanksgiving dinner) to deliver the pumpkin bread… I forgot to give them their loaves before they left on Thursday night – they were very sweet, thrilled with the bread, and appreciative of the gesture i think.

4) went to the craft store because i had a 50% off coupon… found a craft tool thingy i’ve been wanting. instead of $6 it was more like $3. …helps me rationalize my purchasing when there’s a coupon involved

5) went to another store to find mom a cable clip – something for her electric lawn mower power cord – those things can get so out of control! and she admired my clip which kept the power cord in a nice, tidy package.

6) went to hardware store to buy screw anchors… to put into my plaster walls… so i can start hanging things up. we’ll start (um, i’ll start) with something simple – you know, like a key hook.

7) oh, i bought a drill and a new rake today, too. the leaves are falling like rain, and the lawn mower is struggling to keep up…

8) now i’m tired… didn’t get to see the movie… the gas grill isn’t assembled (no surprise there)… and i haven’t baked anything yet. it’s near dinnertime… perhaps i can do a few more things before it’s time to turn in for the night. oh! laundry! must do laundry. so perhaps baking will be put off until tomorrow… there’s always tomorrow.

…”there’s always tomorrow” – a procrastinator’s mantra :)

[*update* went to the store to get a fun head massager toy thing – it looks similar to a wisk… you know, what beats the eggs. but the ends are open, with little metal balls on the end, and you kind of push it down from the top of your head and it moves over your skull to massage the muscles and stimulate nerves, etc. can’t wait to try it out! it’s almost out of the box as we speak. i’ll try to find a link… it’s a funny looking thing!]


just got home from the party… it was fantastic! the bride and groom were happy, the guests all had a great time, and i got to meet some new people… it was a good night. there were many people there from work, so i got to know several of them w/ our hair down… it was really fun. yes, i spoke with one of the ex’s friends for a while – she actually sought me out, we caught up, had a real conversation – i handled myself well, and am really pleased with the result. it went well… and i’m happy with how it turned out.

my current boss, two former bosses, and my department chair were there – two of whom gave me really nice professional compliments. i’m glad i went (earlier today i debated about cancelling b/c of laryngitis… and b/c i was having fun making ornaments and wasn’t sure what to wear… glad i sucked it up and got ready to go!)

oh, the final choice was: long black skirt, black shoes, scarlet red velvet top… and new mailbag purse thing – it’s black with chinese designs on it… very pretty.

tomorrow… might see a movie, might wrap some christmas presents, might finish assembing my gas grill (!!!!!), might write letters, might make brochures for condo, might do some baking – need to bake the left over cranberries in something!… can’t eat that much on my own. i might even stay in bed all day reading a good book. who knows! the day has yet to begin… as it’s time for bed tonight.


my computer is having a spell of its own… not complying with requests – just lost an entry, but i’ll recreate the jist of it here.

tonight is the night when i’ll see my ex’s friends at the wedding reception/party. i’m nervous, not sure what to wear still… but if the world explodes tomorrow, will any of this really matter?

currently have laryngitis… my voice sounds painful, but it’s not… however, that might it an easy night of not saying much, eh?

take care – hope you’re all having a good afternoon/evening…

where is my Family?

where is my biological family?
where is my chosen family?
where are they?
i am right here…

i’m feeling very …um… isolated? no… alone? yes, more alone than isolated. spent most of the day with two friends, shopping, yesterday. one of whom has a husband, one of whom is being courted by a promising young man. and then there’s me.

i’m not feeling sorry for myself… just not being where i thought i’d be at 30. not in the his&hers club. but i am noticing that there’s no one to come home to… no one to laugh with (and i laugh a lot)… and there’s me, myself, and i to consult re: social calendar, plans, and decision making. i have room in my life for someone – yesterday i wanted to buy two stockings for the mantel, instead of just one for me. why? because i have hope. and when i moved into my new house, i didn’t want to hang up just one keyhook… i wanted a place for more than one set of keys… so i searched, and looked, and sought after the perfect key holder. why? because i have hope. hope that one day i can share my life with someone whom i adore… someone who appreciates & adores me, teaches me, and someone whom i love and loves me.

[*edit* unfortunately, i’ve felt the need to edit this post. searches on have led here (not, but the one people in the States use) and, in the theme of being anonymous, i will edit my own post, so that i may feel free to express myself and thoughts here]

where is my biological family? i’m not as close to my siblings as i’d like to be… for a variety of reasons i won’t go into here. no one knows about this blog, but you never know if one day…

Where is my chosen family? it changes… i’ve worked so hard, creating my own little community, since i moved to this region [*edit*] several years ago. i have a few friends, from different social circles, and i’ve seen those relationships grow and change and shift… as we grow and become more ourselves – our needs change. our friendship needs change. our needs for each other change. and sometimes it’s sad, to know you’re no longer *needed* in someone’s life.

so, basically, i need to meet more people, develop more/new relationships… which takes a great deal of emotional energy.. and at this time, i’m not sure how much i can spare. not sure if i can rationalize spending such a precious resource on something which may or may not have an emotional return, if you will.

so where is my family? where are they? i’m right here…