greetings from the east coast!

Oh dear…someone found my blog while searching “slow cooker turkey breasts”. Hope you found a better crock pot recipe than I could provide :)

The drive across the country was uneventful, which is a blessing. Lots of little things happened that I wanted to share with you… but alas they’re now so far removed from my memory that I cannot reconstruct them. Just know it was good stuff :)

Woke up my father when I arrived… he is so thin, unsteady, but he’s trying hard. I’m glad to be here, if for no other reason because he’s glad I’m here. My younger brother is here, too… so we and Mom and Dad had a nice Christmas.

Saw one of my college roommates yesterday – we met for a late lunch, tried to catch up since we last saw one another (a year ago??!… but we talk often via telephone). And then we went to her brother’s in-laws’ First Annual Friends & Family Post-Chistmas Bowling Event. I did a terrible game, and had a marvelous time. It’s nice to be around someone else’s odd & interesting family relations… especially if they’re related by marriage. That’s the best.

Mom and I are going shopping in a bit… there’s no IKEA store in the mid west, so while I’m on the east coast I’m going to hit the store…perhaps get some curtains or something of that nature for my front window (the current lace curtains are totally see-thru, which drives me batty sometimes – the little old man down the street who has dementia has been seen peering through my windows at night… it’s time to have better curtains!) And I might find some fun stuff for my kitchen and entertaining in general… horray.

We go to a midnight service on Christmas Eve… by the time the service is over, it’s already Christmas! I have very fond memories of when I was a child. It was really nice, and our Dad came too, which was good for him I think. But my concern is that I wasn’t really impacted at all by the service, the people, the singing… Mom says she always gets warm fuzzy feelings… I haven’t gotten those in church in a long time. What’s wrong with me? Perhaps I have too much on my plate, my other needs aren’t being met… but sometimes I wish I could get outside of myself enough to experience the whole expericnce… feel all the feelings… I know faith isnt’ about feelings. But sometimes I want to experience that joy and contentment and peace deep down inside… that’s something that’s been missing for a while. Perhaps it’s still packed away in a box somewhere… probably in the basement since the big move in the summer. I’ll look behind the couch when I get home. Maybe it’s under a cushion somewhere.

I’ll be travling on Friday-day to head back to my house… my cute little house who needs a bit of attention. That’s why I’m leaving on Friday… because I need to get home to do a bit of “being home” before going back to work. I’ll try to remember some of the funnier things that occur on the journey…and will share them – perhaps before 2007!

I hope you all are enjoying your time off from work…. working if you must… and enjoying your families. Take care and Merry Christmas! …and a Happy New Year.

5 thoughts on “greetings from the east coast!

  1. Ikea hasn’t made it to the mid-west yet?? but where do you buy cheep flat-packed furniture that requires an allen key and a part-not-in-the-box for assembly??

  2. Safe travels for the rest of your journey. It has been lovely reading your blog and thank you for all your fine comments.

    Merry Christmas to you too and a Happy New Year.

  3. thanks for being so faithful, everyone… i truly appreciate it :)

    I’m leaving tomorrow morning, and have a few thigns yet to accomplish… and am ready to ring in the New Year. I realize I have a lot of growing to do… in many areas – perhaps that’s something I’ll ponder on my 900 mile road trip back home :)

    Happy New Year!
    2007 :)

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