happy holidays?

so my young nieces and brother in law and sister are coming over for desert in about 25 minutes… all day i’ve been running through 100 different scenerios in my head – all of which end in disaster. Fiasco anyone? So i’ll have to let you know how it goes…

it’s not necessarily pessimism – just an open minded optimist who wants to be prepared for dire consequences.

on that note… merry christmas.

4 thoughts on “happy holidays?

  1. ah, thanks ian :) actually, the event went well. yes, one topic was brought up (but since i’m so smart and anticipated the topic, i was unfazed and handled it like a pro!)

    …the little girls liked their presents, and the grown ups seemed to like their presents too.

    and desert was really fun – i made chocolate fondue! i don’t think the girls had had that before…at least not in a long time. there were a lot of chocolate rings around their lips! but it was really fun… we dipped apples, bananas, pretzles, brownies, and Oreo cookies. sugar-high, anyone?


    …and no, it wasn’t a fiasco. things actually went well. and i was given a really nice gift – very thoughtful. if i ever do the flickr account thing, i’ll show it off :)

  2. there was a lot left over, Ian – we could probably heat it in the microwave… bring some bananas and apple slices (i’ve got the Oreo cookies and pretzel sticks)
    Yum :)

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