I lied

well, I sort of did. I’m sure I did sometime recently… oh, yes – now I remember. I have said, in the past, that I don’t eat a lot of bread. I don’t buy it… don’t really eat it, can live without it. based on tonight’s dinner, I lied.

2 slices of garlic toast, bagle w/ meat & cheese…and I’m sure there’s something else in there – I had to laugh, though, when I actually looked at my plate… of course I eat bread. Perhaps I’m just a high maintenance bread eater of the worst kind – I think I think I don’t eat a great deal of bread, however I really do (it’s just not discussed).

Ah, glad to get that off my chest (…and it’s moving to my thighs at this very moment…)

I just spent the last 20 minutes looking through my sticker collection, trying to find the perfect sticker to put on the *cheerful* holiday greeting card for my very nice next door neighbors (the girl neighbor gave me a plate of cookies upon my arrival home… and we chatted for 20 minutes in the driveways between our homes. nice).

See, I wanted to find the right kind of sticker – not too cute, kitchy, serious, or “religious” (choosing the appropriate sticker is very important… I mean, a picture is worth a thousand words).

…found some embossed gold angels – no. Cute cherib children holding poinsettias – no. Precious Moments w/ inspirational messages – no. …what to do? what to do?

finally – I found it. Task complete.

Star Wars. Yup! I had some Star Wars stickers. …final decision? Yoda. Because he’s green.

So Yoda has the honor of being in place of the stamp (because I don’t know the neighbors’ last name, and it’s silly to send it via snail mail when I can just walk a few paces over to their mailbox and deliver it myself).

I did write a brief explanation as to why Yoda was on their Christmas card…
the jist of it was: Yoda is green. Merry Christmas.

One thought on “I lied

  1. Yoda is green, as is Holly and green Christmas Crackers…. mistletoe is mainly green…. so green is definatly a Christmas color and therefore so is Yoda.

    "To you all, a Merry Christmas I wish…."

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