I’m home!

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen… I drove for 13 hours yesterday, traveled across this great country in my little 5-speed sedan… and we got home safely. Thank goodness! My ears were ringing from the sounds of the road… it took a while to fall asleep, but sleep I did last night – sometimes the best part about traveling is coming home.

I saw some interesting things… as I remember them, I’ll post them here. All in all, it was totally uneventful, which is highly desirable on a road trip journey :)

Techy question: I recently changed my email address… is there a way to update my username loging for the WibLog Admin page, too?

Ah, this person will be delighted to know that I did not purchase any flat furniture from IKEA… no, no – I bought lots of kitchen gadgets! Things I desperatly need! Like an egg slicer… and a thingy to put over the skillet so it won’t spatter… and some sort of decorative thing I’m not sure exactly of its purpose. And a few gifts… love IKEA. May go back this spring and get some chairs for my kitchen… they looked nice.

Ever thoughtful Bimble also had this comment… after I read it, I wondered how a highly popular clothing company was relevant… then on my trip I realized this clothing store and random man's name may, in all their wonder and glory, be cities! In the Uk! Which I wouldn’t know about, because I’m not from there! I was very pleased to have figured out that mystery on my own… I’m very smart – I even have a shiny piece of paper hanging near my desk telling me so.

So today is about resting and recharging… emptying my car… writing thank you notes… laundry… and calling a boy who game me his number – what’s that about? I guess I’m not used to the new dating rules… whatever. Oh, and I need to head on over to the grocery… Mother Hubbord’s cupboard is bare.

I wish you a very Happy New Year! Thank you for being so welcoming, wibcommunity… am looking forward to spending time with you in 2007.

7 thoughts on “I’m home!

  1. Happy new year. I hope you’ve recovered. Ps I don’t think lands end is technically a city but it’s definitely a place. I fell in the sea there when I was a kid.

  2. YD – thanks for the clarification.. see? I just need to get my b-u-t-t over there and find out some of this stuff for myself! Glad you were successfully rescued from Land’s End… must have been very wet, indeed!

    Dith, Missy, Miss Lisa, Smudgie, Yorkman – thank you for the New Year wishes…consider yourselves hugged (or high-fived… that may be more appealing to some)

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