minutes & seconds.

there are about 283 thoughts running around in my head at this very moment, all demanding the same amount of attention and thought… and unfortunately it’s too loud in my head to compose a coherent blog. therefore, I will bid you hello and goodnight …and a good day tomorrow…as i’m en route to sleep in about 90 seconds. well, on my way to bed…but hopefully i’ll fall asleep in a few minutes. what a blessing.

gave the pumpkin bread to people today at work… i think they liked it. i’m glad that’s over. the baking/packaging/carrying/giving part… not that it wasn’t fun, it was just a big project.

may or may not be going to visit parents on the east coast over holiday.
father will be sent home from hospital sometime this week, and i have mixed emotions.
younger brother encouraged me by saying this is a highly unusual Christmas, and dont’ get stressed about it. it’s stressful.
have loads of paperwork that i dind’t relize needed to be done before we can leave for holiday break. (classic case of not being new to the job… but being new to the building and supervisor… horray for me)
someone two states away contacted me to find out more about what i have to offer… so we’ll see. internet meeting/dating has yet to be successful for me.
not sure if i want to start a tradition of baking/making something for my immediate neighbors in the new neighborhood… i have enough pumpkin bread to do so, but then that means it’s something i’ll need to do on an annual basis, and i’m just not sure i want to do that. let’s just get through the winter, ok?
getting my picutre taken tomorrow at dinner w/ friends… was told to “look cute”. my cute clothes are in the laundry. apparently i won’t look exceptionally cute tomorrow. am too stressed to think about it. i’ll just smile pretty or something. …perhaps i should try some of that make-up that has glitter in it or something.
i type really fast.
how much energy does a strand of mini lights use?
how can we make global warming a political issue? i just saw Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” and it was really good… i should have kept it and watched it a 2nd time and taken notes.
how come i was a bit stressed having my family over last night? it really was a stressful occasion.. and that makes me sad.
why do i feel so mixed up about my father’s health or lackthereof?
is it ok to be irritated with my siblings because they dont’ see our parents often… and expect our parents to travel to see them instead? i think that’s selfish.
i worry sometimes that my attitude or perspective will change once i’m married (if that happens) and have children… yes, i’m sure the perspective will change, but i’m worried that my attitude will shift – and i don’t want it to. i don’t want to become selfish and self involved and totally self absorbed. hopefully my friends won’t let that happen either
[note to self: if you wake up one day w/o friends, check to make sure your’e not totally selfish]
90 seconds happened a long time ago…
need to make sure i’m up in time to get the trashcans out for the garbage men tomorrow morning…. blah.
thank you for reading this far… please stop by and say hello if you’ve been here – it really means a lot to me :)
heard any good jokes recently? antidotes? no, no… anecdotes. yes, that’s better. an antidote will cure a poison. an anecdote helps provide levity.
…ah, where’s the dictionary when i need one??!
(probably still packed in a box… must finish unpacking boxes in basement. Right. Immediately after finishing assembling the grill. right. thanks. …whatever.)

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