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due to unexpected problems receiving mail, finding mail, opening mail, and responding to received/opened mail, rain’s gas may be shut off.

…so she spent last night running around, paying said gas bill. by the time she finished, the office had closed. so they don’t know that she’s paid it. perhaps she will write a little note and put it on her gas meter… and it should have a smiley face on it (that might cheer the gas men up… or not)

now, she’s fully capable of paying my bills. it’s just she has got tons of excuses why this has happened… including having a lot on her plate, having two gas/electric bills (one for house, one for condo) and a pile of mail that she chooses not to look through on a daily basis.

she also had about 8.5 hours of sleep last night – slept through the night, which is a huge blessing. but she had to leave work yesterday b/c she was totally losing it – got upset and disheveled about something very little and insignificant…which means it’s time to go home.


why is it that i can snooze my alarm for 30 minutes, instead of getting up and having half an hour to myself…? especially if i’ve gone to bed the night before at a reasonable hour… the world may never know.

new quote

needed something new – and found this above.

feeling a bit anxious…out of sorts…
music is on – bon jovi (it’s good housework music – i’m sure my neighbors love it)
am doing some organizing and unpacking…
yet i continue to be unsettled.
..if only i could figure it out… extract it, bottle it – i’d become a millionaire.


i wonder why it’s difficult to wait.

on a normal day, i’m typically very good at waiting… patient, calm, tolerant, serene, enduring… (love dinosaurs)

buy why is it so difficult to wait now, when i know what i want?

and why, when i know what has to be done, am i sometime immobile?

…where’s the instruction manual to this thing called life?
must have lost it in the move… time to unpack a few more boxes.

missed opportunity

two real estate agents called to make appointments on my condo. one thursday night, one friday afternoon. i went over thurs after work to turn on all the lights. left a very nice, cheerful note to please turn off lights on their way out. was looking forward to having people show my condo!

on a whim, i went by late friday evening en route to home.

the lights were still on.

notes still there.

they didn’t come. they didn’t call to cancel the appointment.

and my house was 11 degrees hotter than where the thermostat was set.

…needless to say, i was a little perterbed.

is it too much to ask for them to call to cancel? why isn’t my condo selling??! it’s almost the end of january, and i’m getting a bit frazzled. i want this phase of my life to be o-v-e-r.

yes, i should have gone over on thursday night, after the showing, to make sure the lights were off. but i thought i had an insurance policy – the person coming friday afternoon.


…it’s been a long week.

grills, grants & daylight.

that last post was a bit negative. let me tell you a few positive things. …but, before i start w/ the positive, let me tell you that personal project is moved back again – it’s really a difficult one! probably won’t start for a while yet – got a few things to work out. …but, as project manager, it’s certainly on the main agenda.

my colleague and i turned in our grant proposal for materials & supplies for students w/ special needs. we’ll find out in March if we received some/all/none funds.

am LOVING my very own washer/dryer… my clothes smell better, i feel better… it’s just great. 5 wash cycles (handwash delicate, handwash, light, moderate, heavy-duty) so i can wash to my heart’s content – any girl’s dream!

a friend’s husband just emailed me, offering to help assemble my grill. i’m thilled because even though it’s winter, i could still be using the grill – rememberances of summertime.

actually left work on time today. while it was daylight. i wasn’t the last person to leave the building. got home in time to have dinner at a reasonable hour, wear my sunglasses while observing the sunset, and am typing this blog several hours before bedtime (instead of 3 minutes prior to crashing on the pillow)

had two showings on my condo today – will have another tomorrow. very exciting. there’s hope!

i haven’t posted in a day or so, but i’ve been around on the wib… I know Mike’s memorial service was last weekend, and I just want to share my condolances with all of you who lost him. His life continues to impact the world… continues to influence those who were around him, and those who are around them – Mike has had a very big circle of influence… keep blogging. i’ll keep reading.

on that note, i will leave you. take care, be well, and i’ll see you around again soon.

anger isn’t very attractive

decided to stay home today.

if i had only taken 1/2 a sick day, i would have had to gotten up at 10 to be working at 12:30, which doesn’t seem much like half a day to me. so i took the whole day.

in lieu of sitting on the couch under a blanket & renting a movie, i did the following:
-spoke with coworker(s) early morning to discuss work-stuff
-called places i go to cancel therapy with their students
-went to hardware store (three of them actually)
-rented an appliance dolly to move washer/dryer
-started disconnecting the gas dryer, realized i needed help
-called gas company. they came out within 90 minutes to fix it.
-started moving out the dryer, couldn’t get it up the cellar stairs (got it up one, but didn’t have the upper body strength to do the other five steps)
-called handyman person, who came over in the afternoon to help… he was very helpful.
-put old washer/dryer out for hauling tomorrow
-found out how recycling works in this neighborhood – don’t need to sort! just put out in container. great!
-started getting recycling together for pickup later in week
-made kitchen look presentable (although i could still was a dish or two)
-wrote letter to friend in california (in middle of night)
-mailed letter to friend in california (in middle of day)
-left voice message for big boss re: upcoming project
-gathered email messages from people re: feedback i’ve asked for re: said project
-while handyman was here, discussed potential projects for him in the future (he said he could fix several of the things i’m needing to be accomplished!!!! whooo-hoo!)

the title is because i went to several hardware stores today (monday, daytime) and the people (men) working there were not very helpful, didn’t give me the respect i deserved, and generally couldn’t be bothered to answer my questions or offer any helpful information whatsoever. it made me angry. (after reaching my threshold) i told one man that he would have never said XYZ in that tone had I been male – he was being disrespectful to me. he backpetaled, but it wasn’t real. i deserve… i demand respect! i’m asking his expertise because i believe i have something to learn from him…he has something to teach me. don’t give me an attitude about it. you know? anyway, i realize it’s not very attractive to be angry. but sometimes discrimination makes my blood boil. teach me – i’m fully capable… answer my questions, help me understand, and teach me the ways of the farm. actually, on second thought – give me one of those glow-sticks. i wanna do some lightsaber fights. and call me luke.