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love languages

read this over the weekend… found out what my love languages are… interestingly enough, i think i knew them, but i think i give/demonstrate love in other ways… i think i speak all of the love languages fairly well, but i receive love (“fill up my tank”) with two… one is a smidgen stronger than the other, but I think they’re both primary.

the 5 love languages, in no particular order, are: acts of kindness, quality time, gifts, affirming words, physical touch.

it’s a quick read… i would recommend this to anyone interested in learning how to better communicate with his/her partner. there were some good examples, and the author made some good points… he has a website – granted, it’s to promote his books, but there are study guides and some videos, too. i only looked at one video, but i may take time to take a peek at another one or two. interestingly, he uses some examples from Scripture re: love.

sometimes there are no words

got a makeover today at the mall, for free… and now i need to go wash off all this stuff they put on my face. yuck. i’m not a fan of mascera…my eyelashes are very long & black, and i don’t need sticky stuff on them to make them long and black – blech!

something from my past came up from behind me and WHAM slammed me in the face. i’m recovering, but for a moment there i wasn’t so sure…

and the condo is still for sale. i spoke with one of the listing agents today, we had a ‘coming to terms’ conversation, and i feel a tad bit better… but honestly, i just can’t wait for this process to be finished. not sure if i have the emotional energy for much more.

must work on a report tonight, get off the computer, have a bite of dinner, and get to bed at a reasonable hour. here’s hoping! (that’s my optimism talking)

it’s the little things that make my world go ’round…

I believe in little things
That you can hardly see
Like honeycomb and spider webs
And starfish in the sea

I believe in little things
Like icy drops of rain
That melt into the morning mist
When winds are warm again

I believe in little things
Like colors in the sky
And noticing the waves roll in
And how the flowers die

Knowing they’ll be back again
Whenever it’s July

I believe in little things
Like you and me
And just how big
Little things can be

Written and performed by Joe Raposo

Wiblog entry for 24/02/2007

i feel sick to my stomach… i think there’s something fishy going on with the company i hired to put my condo on the market… it’s very, very fishy, and now my stomach is all tied up in knots. no, i’m not losing $ or anything, but i feel like i’m being taken for a ride of some sort… and it’s near 11pm, so i can’t phone anyone about it until the morning… which means i will have a whole night of tossing and turning… perhaps i should take a drink or two to become warm & fuzzy…to sleep. argh! and things were going so well…

lots of other things are good. lots of other things are somewhat stressful… but sometimes the things that are good outweigh the other stuff. and the rest of it…? it’s all just stuff. life happens in the little things…

if i can get my stomach to become unknotted (is that a word?) i may be able to fall asleep… if not, then you may see me here in just a bit, blogging again. i’m just exhausted – long week. i’m sure you knwo the feeling, ‘eh? take care… (sigh) …’night.

i just AM

am feeling much better today about that which i was disappointed about yesterday…

am now re-certified in CPR and First Aid (as of 12:30 this afternoon)

am full after eating a yummy sandwich for dinner

am tired, so will start heading to bed soon

am thrilled because my colleague and i received a large portion of the grant we wrote a great-big-huge-time-consuming-grant-proposal for in Janurary.

am happy that my dad’s test results came back negative for lung cancer

am excited because i’ve recently befriended my neighbor-across-the-street… this morning i called to ask if she saw my present last night (the highly un-seasonal christmas lights illuminating my porch and shrubs) …she said she missed it! and her husband didn’t see them either (i thought he’d be the insurance – you know, he’d make a comment about the insane neighbor who doesn’t know holidays are now over…) we had a good laugh at 6:45 this morning (i called her cell phone after she left for work – i was just waking up… so we talked while i made lunch – fun/interesting way to start the day)

am wheezing, so must stop blogging soon to get my asthma medicine

am glad i decided not to go bowling with colleagues tonight for happy hour… just because i was exhausted, even though yesterday was a Federal holiday (president’s day)…

am realizing that work has begun the up-swing for craziness… we usually schedule multiple student meetings in the spring, and it gets more and more intense the closer we get to May and June… ah, summer here i come!

am happy to think about my trips this summer… one to visit my brother in new york… one to visit my folks… one to visit my brother in colorado… one to visit with other friends… and lots of time at home (will have hopefully sold the condo by then) so i can do lots of home repairs & updates

am glad someone called re: the condo, but am bummed b/c i don’t think it’s going to work for her…

am hopeful that the condo will sell soon.

am going to leave the wib now… please know i truly appreciate this community… you’re such a blessing – i am thankful for each of you. have a good night,


disappointed… but i’ll get over it. tomorrow is another day. and at least i got several items crossed off my To Do list.

oh, side note: my neighbor suggested I turn on the christmas lights that are still wrapped around my porch… just to give her a laugh. that’s what i did – let me tell you, my house is the only one with white holiday lights illuminating the porch and small shrubs below…

a list

yes, yes… lists help my world go ’round. was planning to make one w/ pen & paper, but then i always want to reorder, or prioritize differently… and thought it might be some quazi-entertainment & mindless reading for you fine folks :)

get glasses adjusted (they got mangled recently by a student…and aren’t sitting properly where they’re supposed to)
go to grocery store: pick up ingredients for bean/cheese pie, milk, eggs, lunches, yogurt, and some lentils.
make reservation for girls’ weekend w/ old college roommates in March… in pennsylvania! very exciting.
call credit card companies and transfer balance
– pay bills
– find comphy/cute outfit for plane trip in a few weeks… this guy wins the award for: furthest distance traveled by me to meet a potential someone!
don’t keep checking my email to look for message from person mentioned above (this one’s a real toughie)
– laundry: wash stuff and actually bring it upstairs!
use new cordless drill and hang a few things up in this place… the walls are bare! perhaps start with the keyhook…it’s not secure at this time, but i did it!
leave 2nd message for agent re: contract from over a week ago? maybe not… perhaps i’ll just keep advertising it? who knows. i’m getting very, very tired of this situation. and poor! [decided not to call…so now i can cross it off my list!]
– use new cordless drill to rehang the shelf in the basement… and start putting things away down there – truly, get it organized and put away!
finish the mail table… yes, yes, it’s only a few more things – but by golly, do it! [UPDATE: still making progress in a positive direction…can i cross it off if i’ve cleared the table, but still need to organize a few things that are under the table??! …yes!]
– now that i’ve installed the 2006 tax software, it will be simple to get the tax paperwork accomplished – by golly, do that too.
– put clean dishes away in kitchen… wash few dirty ones in sink
listen to fun musical tunes while working…
make a list of things that need to be done
take a nap on Sunday
write congrats on expecting a baby cards!!!!
get off the computer, go to sleep, and wake up tomorrow and accomplish most if not all of these items… GO!

running to fly!

multiple thoughts are playing “chase” and “tag” in my head. i’m getting a bit dizzy while trying to catch them…

am excited b/c i’m making progress on the mail pile [note: i’m going through mail from August, 2006 ok? it’s been a tough 24 hours]

am excited b/c i’m going to meet a boy in a few weeks… we have accommodated our schedules, and found a time (and city) that suits us both. i’ll be flying in for the day… which is nice b/c i won’t be in the car for hours, won’t need a hotel room, and there will be a definite end to the day – aka “must catch plane”

it’s hard for me to hold back…be reserved… to not shower him with being availible, with attention… but i think, regardless of the outcome in a few weeks, this has been a positive experience. who knows… we may actually like each other! and if not, that’s ok too – because i’m taking a chance, am bold enough to take a *risk*

ok, break over. must continue sorting, organzing, tossing, shredding.

p.s. i’m listening to October Project‘s first album – it’s a good “get lost in the music” album…