a list

yes, yes… lists help my world go ’round. was planning to make one w/ pen & paper, but then i always want to reorder, or prioritize differently… and thought it might be some quazi-entertainment & mindless reading for you fine folks :)

get glasses adjusted (they got mangled recently by a student…and aren’t sitting properly where they’re supposed to)
go to grocery store: pick up ingredients for bean/cheese pie, milk, eggs, lunches, yogurt, and some lentils.
make reservation for girls’ weekend w/ old college roommates in March… in pennsylvania! very exciting.
call credit card companies and transfer balance
– pay bills
– find comphy/cute outfit for plane trip in a few weeks… this guy wins the award for: furthest distance traveled by me to meet a potential someone!
don’t keep checking my email to look for message from person mentioned above (this one’s a real toughie)
– laundry: wash stuff and actually bring it upstairs!
use new cordless drill and hang a few things up in this place… the walls are bare! perhaps start with the keyhook…it’s not secure at this time, but i did it!
leave 2nd message for agent re: contract from over a week ago? maybe not… perhaps i’ll just keep advertising it? who knows. i’m getting very, very tired of this situation. and poor! [decided not to call…so now i can cross it off my list!]
– use new cordless drill to rehang the shelf in the basement… and start putting things away down there – truly, get it organized and put away!
finish the mail table… yes, yes, it’s only a few more things – but by golly, do it! [UPDATE: still making progress in a positive direction…can i cross it off if i’ve cleared the table, but still need to organize a few things that are under the table??! …yes!]
– now that i’ve installed the 2006 tax software, it will be simple to get the tax paperwork accomplished – by golly, do that too.
– put clean dishes away in kitchen… wash few dirty ones in sink
listen to fun musical tunes while working…
make a list of things that need to be done
take a nap on Sunday
write congrats on expecting a baby cards!!!!
get off the computer, go to sleep, and wake up tomorrow and accomplish most if not all of these items… GO!

5 thoughts on “a list

  1. you’re thoughtful to ask… if i added "talk to mom for an hour" and "make breakfast…er, lunch" and "call/email girlfriends’ re: reuion details" i would cross them off as well… since it’s only 12:30 my time, i still have a few hours to accomplish several additional tasks :) actually, i may also add "comment in blog" to the list :P

    there’s a Sally Forth cartoon which i adore… i’ll try to upload it, and if i can’t at least i’ll type the text. it’s about making lists… certainly some of you will be able to identify :)

  2. I’m supposed to keep track of time zones as well….??

    Actually, which time zone are you in….?? It’s not Eastern (+5) is it??? There are Western, Mountain, Central and Eastern, right??

    So, if it’s 9.30pm now, minus six (Central????) that’s 3.30pm yours….. yes???

  3. since i’m terribly high maintenance, yes you’re supposed to keep track of time zones too :P i’m CST (central standard time) so the difference is six hours… that’s why when i blog late at night, i’m typically one of the first ones when the UK-ers wake up in the morning :)
    sleep well!

  4. Ahhhh, see, I simply live on Eastern Time due to my love of Hockey. That doesn’t really help when I have to be up a 6am though…. ):

    Glad to see you list is cutting down!!! Keep at it!!

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