i just AM

am feeling much better today about that which i was disappointed about yesterday…

am now re-certified in CPR and First Aid (as of 12:30 this afternoon)

am full after eating a yummy sandwich for dinner

am tired, so will start heading to bed soon

am thrilled because my colleague and i received a large portion of the grant we wrote a great-big-huge-time-consuming-grant-proposal for in Janurary.

am happy that my dad’s test results came back negative for lung cancer

am excited because i’ve recently befriended my neighbor-across-the-street… this morning i called to ask if she saw my present last night (the highly un-seasonal christmas lights illuminating my porch and shrubs) …she said she missed it! and her husband didn’t see them either (i thought he’d be the insurance – you know, he’d make a comment about the insane neighbor who doesn’t know holidays are now over…) we had a good laugh at 6:45 this morning (i called her cell phone after she left for work – i was just waking up… so we talked while i made lunch – fun/interesting way to start the day)

am wheezing, so must stop blogging soon to get my asthma medicine

am glad i decided not to go bowling with colleagues tonight for happy hour… just because i was exhausted, even though yesterday was a Federal holiday (president’s day)…

am realizing that work has begun the up-swing for craziness… we usually schedule multiple student meetings in the spring, and it gets more and more intense the closer we get to May and June… ah, summer here i come!

am happy to think about my trips this summer… one to visit my brother in new york… one to visit my folks… one to visit my brother in colorado… one to visit with other friends… and lots of time at home (will have hopefully sold the condo by then) so i can do lots of home repairs & updates

am glad someone called re: the condo, but am bummed b/c i don’t think it’s going to work for her…

am hopeful that the condo will sell soon.

am going to leave the wib now… please know i truly appreciate this community… you’re such a blessing – i am thankful for each of you. have a good night,

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