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read this over the weekend… found out what my love languages are… interestingly enough, i think i knew them, but i think i give/demonstrate love in other ways… i think i speak all of the love languages fairly well, but i receive love (“fill up my tank”) with two… one is a smidgen stronger than the other, but I think they’re both primary.

the 5 love languages, in no particular order, are: acts of kindness, quality time, gifts, affirming words, physical touch.

it’s a quick read… i would recommend this to anyone interested in learning how to better communicate with his/her partner. there were some good examples, and the author made some good points… he has a website – granted, it’s to promote his books, but there are study guides and some videos, too. i only looked at one video, but i may take time to take a peek at another one or two. interestingly, he uses some examples from Scripture re: love.

4 thoughts on “love languages

  1. I came across this not long ago and found it fascinating.

    Thanks for the link.

    Hope today is going better for you.

  2. thanks farli! yes, yesterday (the "today" you were referring to above) went well… a colleague brought in a plastic punching bag (you know, the kind that bobbles)…it has Goofy from Disney on it… anyway, she put it on my desk, and i’m thrilled! sometimes it’s nice to be able to *bop* a plastic bobble thing :)

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