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it’s 7:47am

…and i’m clearning off the dining room table. i believe today is the DAY for Phase One: Taxes… Going Through Mail.

very exciting… must eat a power breakfast, so i can work through the tough challenges… yes – must work! i’ll keep you posted… wish me luck!

three stanzas

thanks Neil for this!

A Valentine’s Day Poem

just under a
reasonable hour…
tonight… looking forward to having
half a trip anyone?! see how recycling together
for furnace is a while… working with their
Taxes Finished assembling the mail.

raining. outside…
warming up… there may
no life.
all of rain.

never did look through
on another tomorrow,
for pickup later date,
with families & children…

~rain, february 14, 2007

the day gets curiouser and curiouser…

Why is it that I can wake up in a foul mood… and be happy just hours later? Perhaps it has something to do with an ‘early release’ day from school due to inclimate weather…? the fact that someone else wanted to see my condo [and I’ve had two emails recently] so things are picking up? That I brought freshly baked croissants to the mechanics at the car shop while they were fixing my breaks? Or perhaps it’s because my grill is working, and I have plans for a burger for tonight’s dinner…even though it’s snowing? was totally in a bad mood this morning, but I’m feeling much better. I’m sure things will circle around again… until then, I’ll enjoy the current state of rain.

on another note… this was interesting. who is looking this up… and why? a grand prize will be awarded to the most creative response regarding this query.

today, a little before now

it’s raining.

outside… buckets of rain.

“a good soaking” is what some might say…

and because the space in my head is filled with massive, improtant things… I think I’ll keep them all up there for now – don’t want any to slip out and get lost, now, do we? No thank you.

I’ll whistle instead. It’s a pretty little tune… oh, drat. You can’t hear. Well… think of a pretty little melody and we’ll pretend that’s the one!


guacamole and a contract

i made guacamole for dinner. i believe it to be very healthy …as is salsa… it’s made of vegetables, through and through. avocados have fat in them, but it’s the good fat. good cholesterol. and there isn’t a preservative or artificial anything in the guacamole. it’s delicious! do all ya’all have avocados in your grocery stores?


the buyer’s agent called this evening. his people want to come back on Wednesday to look at the condo again. and if they want to buy it, they’ll submit a full contract w/ a counteroffer re: sale price.

i was very calm, cool, collected… but i’m thrilled
(shhhh – don’t tell!)


it’s near dinnertime… and today has been quite unproductive. and i’m ok with that. sometimes a girl needs some downtime w/o a purpose. watched Lady In The Water, and enjoyed it very much.

but i will make a cake for tomorrow for coworker’s b-day. and must write a thank you note. and send two ‘congratulations on being pregnant’ cards. and get my dad’s b-day gift in the mail. yes, i’ve got a few more things to accomplish before bedtime…

a lesson in geography

so today has been a busy day! by 9:00am I got dressed, went to condo to turn on lights, talked to neighbor and had coffee together… then got a haircut, went to beauty supply store to buy (you guessed it) beauty supplies when I got the call from boy #2. he said he’d call around 10, and so far this boy is prompt.

i called him back when after arriving home… we had a great conversation! spoke for just under 2 hours, found out a bit about one another, and we have plans to talk again. we’ve decided to race one another – Who Can Get Their Taxes Finished First? there may be games and prizes for the winner of this race. but i digress… here’s the lesson in geography: India… Indiana… India… Indiana… India… Indiana! yes, i read his message as growing up in Indiana, then he and his family moved to Wisconsin about 10 years ago… nope! got the story wrong (i had difficulty learning to read when i was younger – is it that obvious?) he mentioned something about India, and i asked when did he live there – because didn’t he say he grew up in Indiana? hahahahahaha! We both got a huge chuckle out of that one. yes, he has an accent.. but instead of a northern accent it’s an Indian one :)

went on second date with boy #1 today, and it was nice… the only thing was we could’t talk very much because the museum was very crowded, filled with families & children… he didn’t suggest we go out for a drink/bite to eat afterwards, but said he’d call… so we left it at that – we’ll see :) i’ll definiately go out again, but i wonder if we’d make better friends instead? perhaps i stunned him with my beauty – i did look rather cute today, new haircut and all. it could totally be the cat thing too – i was very good, was open during the date…but he was very reserved… i wonder if it bummed him out that i’m allergic? who knows… perhaps it has nothing to do with the cat, right T&E? :))

bought the 2006 tax software to get the paperwork accomplished… that’s one more thing crossed off my list-of-things-to-do. had a showing today on the condo… haven’t heard back about the condo contract from yesterday. so we’ll see. and the insurance company has agreed to give me a new furnace! now, don’t get terribly excited. the new furnace is the cheap part – i have to pay out-of-pocket for the house modifications… so we’re looking at just over $1,100 dollars – and if i want a higher efficiency furnace (which i do) then it’ll be closer to $4,500. must sell condo! but i’m glad i’ll get a little help from the insurance money.

i’m off to go cross additional things from my to-do list. take care!


he has a cat… wants to get a dog in a perfect world. and i’m severely allergic. we’re going to a museum tomorrow (it’s free, we can meander and talk) but i’m kindof bummed. so we’ve got the spider-thing, and now the cat (+future dog). rats. i’d still like to find out more about him (don’t know if i have enough information yet) but… i’m bummed about the cat. i’ll be allergic to his clothes/car/house… and if this goes anywhere, he’ll resent me for being allergic. yes, it’s true. i’ve been here before. people who have pets just don’t understand that it’s not that i don’t like animals… it’s that they make me incredibly sick. ‘i like you, rain… but i love my cat more’. i suppose i should go into saturday with an open mind, but… rats.

just realized something

…if i don’t blog, then you don’t visit. thus explains the low visitor’s number :)

not much to report…

waiting for furnace man to come this evening (as they cancelled at 11:15 the morning I took off from work to stay home & wait for them)

left work early enough to be home in the daylight – amazing!

work is ok…

personal project is kindof on hold – as I’m the sort of someone who appreciates science vs. cookie-cutter-structure. it’s frustrating, but that’s to be expected… overall, it’s a frustrating project.

two dear friends are pregnant! and will be expecting this summer. how exciting – found out the same day (friends are in different circles) perhaps i should go out and get me a man (better half – is that what we decided?)… actually, they’re not necessarily needed long-term, but i think it’s better that way…at least for me)

um, let’s see… my boss observed me last week, and it didn’t go well (i wasn’t pleased) hopefully will get the written feedback in the near future. i appreciate constructive feedback very much.

boy left me an email message late last night… said he’d call tonight… i’m looking forward to it. i think we should see each other again. he’s really nice, and is someone i’d like to know more about. i’m such a girl, i think like a girl… i’m gathering it’s too soon to start thinking future-related thoughts, and making decisions based on those future-related thoughts when i don’t even know this guy very well… although the bit i do know makes me 1) not want to stomp on his heart and 2) not want to give up my dream of a man who will take the role of jumping on the ladder every so often to kill the medium-sized spider b/c I’m a girl and spiders are scary. i’m looking for someone to shoulder that with me – i’m tired of being strong and independent all the time… will explain more if/as necessary [note: i must remember to head on over to deeleea’s blog to see how her business-date went…has it happened? inquiring minds want to know]
*ah, just checked. the clayton’s date is on sunday… good luck deeleea!*

there’s also boy #2, whom i have not met. we’re planning to speak via phone this weekend… and if things go well, and we continue to establish rapport, i would like to meet him sometime in March. road trip anyone?! we’ll see how it goes.

taxes are due April 15th over here… must make a committment this weekend to 1) go through accumulated mail on mail table… since August (arugh!) 2) go through accumulated mail/papers from the move (yes, i actually dumped piles of mail into storage bins… to go through at a later date, post-move. it’s insane. not very efficient, i know… could have won the lottery and not even know!)

i’m planning to do my taxes myself this year. i feel like i’ve got so many small nuances (e.g., grad classes this past summer, currently owning two homes, etc.) there are lots of little factors… I’ll buy another software program and do it myself. let’s see: I will COMMIT to getting them (taxes) done by mid-March. Let’s see how I do… perhaps I could use boy #2 as incentive. An if/then scenario. If my taxes are done my MARCH 15th, then I can plan a trip to meet boy #2. who knows – at this rate, by then there may be boy #7!

must schedule dr visit to get a few things crossed off my list-of-things-to-do.

off to go wait by the window for furnace man… it’s a beautiful and cold night – can’t wait for spring!