disappointed… but i’ll get over it. tomorrow is another day. and at least i got several items crossed off my To Do list.

oh, side note: my neighbor suggested I turn on the christmas lights that are still wrapped around my porch… just to give her a laugh. that’s what i did – let me tell you, my house is the only one with white holiday lights illuminating the porch and small shrubs below…

4 thoughts on “Rats!

  1. so I’m guessing that ‘b list’ is the rest of the stuff then?? Not that there’s a lot of it left!!!

  2. saw my neighbor drive to work at 6:30, so i gave her a call… asked if she saw the present i had on my front porch for her last night? NO! she didn’t see it (her lovely husband gave her a cold, and she went to bed straight away). she was totally bummed… but promised to look again for the ‘light suprise’ (but i told her not to look tonight – i’m going to try to make it a surprise!)

    hahahahahahahah :P

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