running to fly!

multiple thoughts are playing “chase” and “tag” in my head. i’m getting a bit dizzy while trying to catch them…

am excited b/c i’m making progress on the mail pile [note: i’m going through mail from August, 2006 ok? it’s been a tough 24 hours]

am excited b/c i’m going to meet a boy in a few weeks… we have accommodated our schedules, and found a time (and city) that suits us both. i’ll be flying in for the day… which is nice b/c i won’t be in the car for hours, won’t need a hotel room, and there will be a definite end to the day – aka “must catch plane”

it’s hard for me to hold back…be reserved… to not shower him with being availible, with attention… but i think, regardless of the outcome in a few weeks, this has been a positive experience. who knows… we may actually like each other! and if not, that’s ok too – because i’m taking a chance, am bold enough to take a *risk*

ok, break over. must continue sorting, organzing, tossing, shredding.

p.s. i’m listening to October Project‘s first album – it’s a good “get lost in the music” album…

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