sometimes there are no words

got a makeover today at the mall, for free… and now i need to go wash off all this stuff they put on my face. yuck. i’m not a fan of mascera…my eyelashes are very long & black, and i don’t need sticky stuff on them to make them long and black – blech!

something from my past came up from behind me and WHAM slammed me in the face. i’m recovering, but for a moment there i wasn’t so sure…

and the condo is still for sale. i spoke with one of the listing agents today, we had a ‘coming to terms’ conversation, and i feel a tad bit better… but honestly, i just can’t wait for this process to be finished. not sure if i have the emotional energy for much more.

must work on a report tonight, get off the computer, have a bite of dinner, and get to bed at a reasonable hour. here’s hoping! (that’s my optimism talking)

2 thoughts on “sometimes there are no words

  1. call me silly (most people do) but why get a free makeover if you’re going to go home and then remove it….??

    I mean… apart from all the pampering that you’d get…. oh…

    Hope that you’re feeling better!!!

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