Wiblog entry for 24/02/2007

i feel sick to my stomach… i think there’s something fishy going on with the company i hired to put my condo on the market… it’s very, very fishy, and now my stomach is all tied up in knots. no, i’m not losing $ or anything, but i feel like i’m being taken for a ride of some sort… and it’s near 11pm, so i can’t phone anyone about it until the morning… which means i will have a whole night of tossing and turning… perhaps i should take a drink or two to become warm & fuzzy…to sleep. argh! and things were going so well…

lots of other things are good. lots of other things are somewhat stressful… but sometimes the things that are good outweigh the other stuff. and the rest of it…? it’s all just stuff. life happens in the little things…

if i can get my stomach to become unknotted (is that a word?) i may be able to fall asleep… if not, then you may see me here in just a bit, blogging again. i’m just exhausted – long week. i’m sure you knwo the feeling, ‘eh? take care… (sigh) …’night.

5 thoughts on “Wiblog entry for 24/02/2007

  1. thanks, ian… i tossed and turned a bit, but not it’s a few minutes before 6am – a much more acceptable time to wake up :) and while falling asleep last night, thought perhaps i was overreacting… so i will still make my phone calls, but with more of an ‘inquiry’ attitude instead of a defensive one.
    thanks – rain.

  2. many thanks semele and bimble… it’s all starting to feel better… although i certainly can’t wait to get rid of this property! then i feel like my life can "start" you know? anyway, i appreciate your comments :)

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