Monthly Archives: March 2007

dare i hope…?

to dream big? perhaps… perhaps.

will focus on the here & now… but may allow myself to dream big. what a blessing.

in other news: got through an intense day… came home, had some food, watched some television (brain defrag, so to speak) and now i’m preparing to sleep… the bed is calling my name… rain… Rain… RAIN!

oh, what’s that? (sigh) Bed is calling… must run – take care, be well, and smile often :)

quick question

Hey! I’m more of a “big picture” type of person… but sometimes the details are fascinating!

can anyone explain to me how the Internet works… cross-continental? Theoretically… briefly… as though I’m a very intelligent 5-year old.

It’s amazing to me, I was recently thinking about the wib… we’ve got Australia, UK, Europe, Middle East, Canada, USA… and are immediately able to communicate and interact with one another. It truly is like a virtual coffee house (who’s bringing the hot chocolate? and the tea?!)

thanks for your help in expanding my world knowledge,


missed daylight by a few minutes today… no cemetery rides before dusk for the rainy girl – perhaps tomorrow.

was thinking about thinking… metacognition… and how we need to envision our lives… the way we want them to be. so I must reform the images in my head – the ones that are half-empty in nature. because, truly… the best is yet to come.
I secretly hope that I can’t even begin to imagine what G-D has in store for me. Patience, patience, patience… Hmmm…there are times I wonder if I deserve it, seeing as I feel very distant from HIM at the moment… but I also wonder if HE knows I need this time… and how HE can touch my heart and mind again. Perhaps one day I’ll have it all figured out. …until then, I’ll just try to stay with today, and what might be tomorrow… and let HIM take care of the future (although that’s a bit challenging sometimes – as I’m quite a planner)

nothing of consequence happened at work today… which, considering the time of year, is a good thing.

you’d never guess in a million years

where I rode my bike this evening!

Yesterday the tires were flat. I mean, F-L-A-T. Flatter than flat… so flat, they could not be any flatter than their current state of flatness.

So I went to the store… got a bike pump. Hooray!

Pumped the front tire… yae!

Pumped the rear tire… something’s wrong. Tire not inflating. Hmmmm…

Tried again… and again, again, and again.

Perhaps the new pump broke? NO… well, maybe.

Took the pump back… got a different, regular tire pump.

then it was dusk. too late to ride anyway.

Came home tonight… tire inflated!!! Wha-hoo!

…but unfortunately, i still wasn’t sure about the tire pressure… the last thing I wanted to do was ruin the wheel rim or puncture the tire…

so onto the car it went, dear bike. TO THE BIKE SHOP!

within minutes, the bike was in the shop, tire pressure restored, bike back on the car, back to house, off the car, then… the moment of truth.

I rode the bike all around the neighborhood… into the nearby cemetery.

It’s my goal to do each and every hill in that rolling cemetery by the end of the summer – a quick way to 1) show my respects 2) increase lung capacity 3) gain a bit of muscle and 4) decrease the waistline.

thank goodness for nearby cemeteries!


after a weeklong break, am heading back to work tomorrow. have had no trouble sleeping in a variety of cities and beds over the past week (during multi-city travels) yet tonight my head can’t quite hit the pillow. perhaps i should count sheep or something. maybe i’ll try some alchohol. or read a very dry book. and get off the computer with all of its lights & images… yes, perhaps that’s the route I’ll take. sleep well, all of you… Zzzzzzz…


why is it so important to me? privacy? protection? needing space? …when there are times the ‘being alone’ is quite devastating? …and why is it that i can get filled up quickly when in the presence of people whom i’m confident care and truly know me? i feel like i can handle almost anything right now – i’m calm, fulfilled, un-anxious… it’s a gift. i wonder from where it comes? …yet sadly, i wonder how long it will last…

interestingly enough, my appetite has decreased significantly, too.

i hope to remember this time, today – recall this very moment of being fulfilled…

once again, absence makes the heart grow fonder…

yes, i’ve been absent from the wib recently… due to a variety of reasons… i’ve also been traveling across the eastern and mid-west united states on journeys of visits… both family, friends, etc. Several adventures. Thank you for the recent comments… and I can now officially tell you that I can stand it – thanks for your encouragement :)

…haven’t been keeping up with everyone recently, but know you’re not far from my thoughts – looking forward to getting reconnected.

there’s so much to share, i’m not sure where to start. perhaps i’ll start blogging again… that’s a good place to begin. take care – be well…

Wiblog entry for 13/03/2007


i just can hardly stand it. i will stand it. i have to stand it. i am capable of standing it… i just can hardly stand it! i just struggle with the current state of standing it… it hurts, in a good way – as far as things that hurt being good for you.

(deep sigh)

in other news, dinner is on the stove. must run. fare thee well!

rakes & containers

Update: raked the yard. Started w/ street… then moved to patch of grass between street & sidewalk… then moved to perimeter of yard… then started making little yard piles of spiky brown gumballs. By the time two trashcans were full, thought I’d just make piles in the yard… leave for another day. But I just kept going! 3 boxes… two more boxes filled… one more box… two more boxes! 8 boxes later, the yard is no longer brown w/ potentially hazardous spiky brown gumballs from the tall gumball tree. Now my lawn is a beautiful shade of yellow. Hooray for winter dead grass! Come on spring…


had an amazing day yesterday… filled with fun and adventure! trains, planes, and automobiles were involved… just terrific.

today met the real estate agent at my condo to list the property. it was the best decision, and I feel good about the exposure my property will get. it truly is a nice, lovely, charming, updated little place.

my yard currently looks brown – because all of the gumballs from the gum tree have fallen – can’t see grass… no, just the gumballs. don’t want the postman to stumble, so must go out and rake before it gets too dark.

and finish my taxes. my computer has indicated it may fry soon… so before i turn it off for the night, i’ll finish the taxes. print them out and everything. this has an erie sense of familiarity… this actually happened four years ago: taxes due, computer dies. thanks, taxes!