Monthly Archives: April 2007

it’s really early… and UK visiting.

and i can’t sleep. toss / turn… toss / turn… toss (well, you get the picture)

so i thought i’d visit you fine folk.

…yet, if you’re here, i must entertain you.

ah-HA! watch me sing and dance:

[although you cannot see, as i have no flickr account, i have been singing and dancing for several minutes… and think you would have enjoyed the show… thank you, thank you very much]

there – hope you’ve been thoroughly entertained :D

In other news, am truly thinking about coming to the UK next summer… and hope to utilize your expertise for travel suggestions & recommendations. I do not want to drive, but it is totally possible to visit most anyplace via bus or subway/metro/tube, yes? My mother and I are planning to visit together… We don’t want to do a *tour group* because we don’t necessarily want to be herded to & fro… but we also need some guidance re: places to go, places to stay, etc. We plan on visiting London, Whales… and perhaps if we’re daring (depends on how much time she can take from work) Ireland. I’m thinking approx 3 weeks, but am open to a time frame. I’m rather excited, as I’ve never been outside my country before. Perhaps the year after next I’ll head Down Under :D

Can anyone recommend a travel book I should get?
Train and/or travel website?
…having a good place to start is always nice idea, methinks.

not un-bad list

to take a page from Dith’s book… here are a few things that are going well:

1) phone has been quite (as i’ve neither called nor been called)
2) had nice dinner with neighbor and her mother last night – they’re a hoot
3) i officially own only one home…
4) instead of having Saturday hours, the student loan company is open M-F 7:30am – 9pm (rats! my pay-off must wait until next week)
5) the home warranty company said “the check must have gotten lost in the mail… our department is closed right now, but i’ll fill out a form… they’ll call you sometime next week” [my response? ‘so not incredibly helpful’…*click*]

in other news, i will be adopting an attitude at work. feel as though i should don the outfit the moment i exit the car… so as to not forget the attitude. (perhaps i should put it on before leaving the house – yes, much better)

Saw the movie Babel w/ Brad Pitt & Cate Blanchett. it was almost like Crash… similarities re: cultural differences… it was ok, but it didn’t rock my world. perhaps i’m just not in the mood.

truly, i am optimistic… fun to be around… delightful. honest. …but perhaps not at this very moment. i’m in a snit. “what kind?” you ask…? not sure… but once i figure it out, i’ll be sure to make a post.

my Saturday has just begun… hope, wherever you are on this green, hot earth that you’re doing well…enjoying your Saturday. take care!


thank you, everyone, for your kind & encouraging comments… the deed is done! complete! finnito!!! by this time tomorrow, i will have the money… and will be able to pay off debt by early next week. i’m almost not believing it at the moment… perhaps i’ll start to get it when my bank account shows lots of additional numbers.

thanks also for the hugs – this week has been intense, but do-able. i am thinking a career change is in order.

in other news, i like rice with chicken. had a *celebratory* chicken/rice/caesar wrap this evening… and a very berry smoothie. yum.

how to take a nap

…or not.

In 15 easy steps:

1) leave work early – go to dr. appointment
2) experience speedy dr. appointment, arrive home much earlier than usual
3) in lieu of after-work-snack, eat some dinner (*early*)
4) put on pj’s
5) read boring book
6) doze
7) ignore cheerfully ringing doorbell
8) answer obnoxiously ringing telephone
9) agree to spend time with friend later
10) put on real clothes, head over to friend’s house
11) drink some wine
12) become wide awake… determine you’re no longer sleepy
13) arrive back home
14) think about all of the things on your To Do list, then go watch television
15) head to bed around 10:30pm & blog about how you didn’t get your much needed nap earlier this evening.

…and that’s how it’s done.

too late to party… too early to sleep

thank you, wib community for all the hugs and tea …i’m feeling both encouraged and fully hydrated.


– repairs have been completed on property… anticipate selling the condo this upcoming friday (knock on wood)

– i am considering a career shift… same profession, just different job. the current one makes me tired.

– anticipate getting a real-life hug in another 3-4 weeks…although that is a very long time, perhaps you’ll be supportive & check in now and then?

– intermittent feelings of *waiting for my life to start*

– almost ready to believe by this time next week, i may be out of debt! (except for house & car) …can hardly imagine not paying significant student loans & other bills monthly… it will be freedom!

– somewhat overwhelmed with the number of significant projects to do on my current *new* home…

– still lonely… but i’m very strong, see… and i’ve been here before. it’s nothing with which i’m unfamiliar. i have strategies… i cope. …the only problem is, i’m tired of being disappointed – discouraged [in real life] when i share my needs, and others don’t rise to the occasion. i know everyone is wrapped up in themselves – that’s what we humans do. but when a friend of mine is in need, i drop what i’m doing, or carve out some time for them… even if it’s just a phone call. i try to offer support in some way… i get tired of asking for what i need over and over and over… any suggestions?

i’m not ho-hum… not sad… not depressed. perhaps the best way to describe it is incredibly detached. i’ve just got so much on my plate, that sometimes i become immobilized… looking forward to some movement in the right direction. take care – be well.