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i just need a hug right now.

and for someone to tell me it will be ok… things will all work out.

truly, when was the last time i got an honest to goodness embrace? about 3.5 weeks ago. that’s too long…at least for me.

the two small electric issues with the home inspection have turned into very big *expensive* problems. i am not amused.

and i’m lonely. and work is incredibly stressful. and i’m lonely. and my friend’s sister passed away. and i’m lonely. and we had the shootings at Virginia Tech and that’s all i hear about whenever i turn on the news/radio. and i’m lonely and just need a great big hug. i hug back, by the way. there is mutual benefit to hugging (if we do it right)

*sick* day

yes, i’m staying home sick today… could have gone in, but since i can’t breathe properly b/c of twitchy lungs, thought i’d avoid a terrible day, bad therapy sessions with children who require significant amounts of patience, and preserve my relations w/ coworkers by NOT going to work today. i have a short fuse, small threshold, am easily irritated, etc. when i can’t breathe :)

in other news, found a tire store to balance/rotate tires at nine… must skedaddle to get there on time. (ooh, was that a rhyme? i’m just so fine!)

then i’ll head over to the condo… to put up signs for the gas inspection that’s scheduled for wednesday. i’m so excited about the sale of this condo, but i’m trying to keep it under my hat… because it may not work out. there may be some weird hiccup and it may all fall apart at the end. …so until i sign on the dotted line, i am not allowing myself to get excited.

no cornflakes this morning… but i did have a sausage biscuit. two actually (they’re small).

**hey nessa, do you remember scrapple? pennsylvania dutch food? i brought some home when i was visiting my parents recently… ate some for breakfast yesterday**

remember how i was going to dream big? well, i’ve recently come to understand that my dreams, my aspirations, my hopes for the future are too precious to put on one person w/o a commitment… and it’s not fair or right to expect a commitment too early – that will squash things more quickly than a river of rainfall. i’m disappointed… but along the same lines, i know my dreams have the potential to offer so much… therefore, i will continue to Dream Big.

it’s 9:07 am Easter morning

the sun is bright, birds are chirping… and a neighbor has approx 7 workmen and three big machines in our small street – making loads of noise – at this very moment – moving dirt around… possibly digging a hole… or filling one.

seriously? early Easter morning?!


Happy Easter!

[edit: 9:57am: *ding-dong* …scamper to door… peep through hole… see man w/ orange shirt on…w/ utility logo. open door. “Ma’am? I’m from the water utility company. We’ve got a water main break. We’re gonna need to shut off the water in a few minutes…for the whole block. you should fill your tub. …No, not sure how long it will be off… we hope less than an hour, but you should fill your tub just in case. Good day now.”
Ah! that explains everything… no more thinking my neighbors are crazy….um, since i just recently took down my Christmas lights, I’m sure they’ve been thinking me mad for quite some time]
[edit: 10:02am… and now i hear a chainsaw! i must take a looksee… hoppy easter!]

rain is in pain

the pain is in rain
she got a massage
not far from the lodge
and now the girl needs to refrain…from moving.

we hoped to relax
work kinks in the back
but low and behold
the masseuse was quite bold
and now i’ve got aches – no need to run track.

the hamstrings now untight
she worked with incredible might
i laughed so hard to work through the pain
never knew giggles help muscle strain.

the lower back
behind the rack
has been released
it was a beast!

a heating pad calls my name
and remaining hydrated, that’s the game
the name of the game, the game with a name

methinks rain is a masochist
her body did quite a twist
and now it is time
to stop this rhyme
anyone want a lime?
perhaps a dime, but not slime.

the adventure is complete
one must not compete
because rain is in pain
perhaps she’ll visit Spain
on a train
to get some grain
for her brain
then catch a plane
back to Maine
so she won’t have to feign…
the pain.


what could i possibly have been thinking?

yesterday i wore 3 inch boots to work… with preschoolers. a job in which i
1) chase young children
2) sit on the floor and in very small chairs
3) run up & down stairs, in/out of various buildings.

the only question I have is… what was I thinking??!

i typically always wear flats… and based on today’s muscle aches & paines (from soles of feet to neck muscles) i can see why I usually wear un-three-inch-heel-shoes.

…i truly believe Easter is a great excuse to get a massage…

ok, still don’t want to rock the boat

but things are looking *very* positive. I’m thrilled!

by this time next month I may be fully out of debt!

your continued prayers and thoughts and positive energy (or whatever is meaningful to you) are coveted… thank you :)

In other news, things are starting to look up…
– Ate some cornflakes… they were good, and flaky. Tasted like corn. I was very pleased – it’s not everyday that your cornflakes-for-breakfast taste unstale… like cornflakes are supposed to taste ;)
– work is manageable… which is encouraging.

Just put my shoes on to walk to the library (there’s a book I want to borrow) and went for my wallet… and gosh – it wasn’t there!!! Probably at school…in my travel therapy bag. Because I took my wallet out of the purse, placed into the therapy bag when I went to a daycare center this morning b/c I didn’t want to carry my purse. I think next time I’ll just carry my purse. It’s really not that much trouble… then I’ll always know my wallet is there. Unless someone steals it.
No library card…therefore no books today. hopefully tomorrow.

hope this doesn’t jinx it…

but there is a real, honest to goodness contract on the condo!

we’re in negotiations, but i hope we’ll be able to reach an agreement soon. there’s a possibility that, at the end of THIS month, i will only own one house! not two!

your prayers and thoughts and good vibes and positive energy re: this matter would be much appreciated.

thank you :)