thank you, everyone, for your kind & encouraging comments… the deed is done! complete! finnito!!! by this time tomorrow, i will have the money… and will be able to pay off debt by early next week. i’m almost not believing it at the moment… perhaps i’ll start to get it when my bank account shows lots of additional numbers.

thanks also for the hugs – this week has been intense, but do-able. i am thinking a career change is in order.

in other news, i like rice with chicken. had a *celebratory* chicken/rice/caesar wrap this evening… and a very berry smoothie. yum.

9 thoughts on “whew-hooooo!

  1. is all the money going on debts, or is there going to be some saved for pampering?? And if so, what??

  2. is a new furnace *pampering*?! …and gutter shields… and prefinished hardwood flooring for 2nd level… and tile for the basement… and a leather couch! (all in due time: most will go to pay off student loans… graduate school was expensive!)

  3. oh, and perhaps a trip across the atlantic to visit many of you fine folk… rain will be requesting "recommended sites" as she plans her trip for next summer (as she has never left the country before)

  4. well;
    furnace – heat and hot water – definate pampering,
    gutter shields – saves nasty gutter cleaning – definate pampering,
    nice flooring – nicer to walk on, makes you feel better – definate pampering,
    leather couch – pampering,
    so once all the loans are all paid off, well, good times are a’coming!!

  5. Well done Rain. I’m going to raise a glass of smoothy on this side of the Atlantic in your honour.

  6. thank you, thank you everyone!!! it hasn’t quite sunk in yet… although i did sleep *really* well last night – you know, the kind when you’re not sure if you moved b/c you slept so hard?!
    i will drink with you, Yorkshireman! and Ian, I’ll share my chicken & rice… and nessa, i love finishing a good book too – chapter closed indeed!

  7. I will raise a glass of single malt later to toast your success.

    I agree with Bimble that many of the things mentioned are actually pampering. Hope you time your visit well as we’re hoping to be in Florida next summer and would hate to miss you.

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