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the thing about getting older is: hopefully with age comes wisdom.

you know, learning from your mistakes… (or learning from others’ mistakes, should that be the case)

therefore, i would like to take this opportunity to tell you that …because of my age (31) and my experience (a lifetime so far) i am able to have more wisdom *now* about something which i would not have had the same amount of wisdom just one year ago.

been in a few interesting head spaces recently, but overall things are going well. i’m getting projects accomplished, handling work frustrations & stressors well, and i’ve been having a nice time with friends. i realized recently that i’m not as alone here as once thought.

which is encouraging.

why deviate from a successful theme?

i have found i get the most comments when i mention my sleeplessness… so tonight i got out of bed to tell you i can’t sleep. hopefully sharing this news will enable me to rest comfortably in a matter of minutes. if not…well, i’ll just be incredibly crabby tomorrow.

in other news, i may not be as mismatched as once thought (see previous post). hopefully (nothing is confirmed yet) i was wrong. in this case, i’d happily admit to being wrong (note: i’m sure T&E won’t be able to contain himself… be sure to read future comments below)

this past weekend i accomplished the following:
– changed front light bulb (got on tall ladder by self and changed it! how domestic)
– organized the basement (it now looks like a rec room instead of a pile of mess & boxes)
– weeded my driveway
– got leaves out of cellar stairwell (and the dirt – apparently if you don’t clean up leaves from a year ago in your cellar stair, it begins to make dirt & mulch!!!)
– organized and put things away in the craft room downstairs (where the furnace is located)
– confirmed the new furnace will begin installation tomorrow (tomorrow!!!)
– did several loads of laundry… AND folded (not yet put away – remember: baby steps)
– and since i didn’t post last weekend, i powerwashed my wooden deck (to prepare for waterproof/stain…which i hope to accomplish this upcoming weekend – if, of course, there is no precipitation in the forecast). this part of the adventure was incredibly stressful and deserves a blog post of its very own… but since i’m beginning to get sleepy, just know i have absolutely *no* interest in renting another powerwasher from that hardware store again anytime soon.

thank you for reading – you may now pass Go and collect $200.

did you ever…?

wasn’t that a game when we were little? i bet with a bit of encouragement, it would be fun to play as an adult too.

did you ever think something was going one direction, and you have an active imagination, and it all works out perfectly in your head… only to realize sometime later that, in fact, your idea and imagination isn’t quite based in reality… and then you start feeling a bit foolish and stupid… questioning both your own reality and imagination…?

did you ever set yourself up for disappointment…?

did you ever misunderstand…?

did you ever want something so much that you actually kept it from happening?

did you ever say “no, really, i’m fine” when you wanted to sadly say “help – i’m not doing so well”?

did you ever misread a situation… and then respond to that misinterpretation… only for it to take a loooooooong time to get worked out in the end?

did you ever think you had things under control, you weren’t really that affected by anything, and you were handling yourself well… only to find out you completely botched it up?

i’m feeling a bit mismatched at the moment. don’t worry – things are fine. i just feel really stupid. hopefully this emotion will subside quickly… perhaps a glass of warm milk or something might help.

then again, perhaps i’ll wake up on the other side of the bed tomorrow morning – that usually works for me. tomorrow is another day, and i can just learn from today and move forward.

so, Gentle Reader, until then – have a good now, and hope you’re looking forward to your tomorrow. i know i am.

* * A W A R D S * *

Thank you, thank you, for all of the marvelous entries regarding my sleeplessness.

The following people receive awards, presented by me, for the purposes of being awarded:

1) T&E for his tribute to Halloween and things scary under universal beds

2) nessa for her inquisitive nature, always encouraging me to reach for the stars

3) yay for her stoner-related words… :)

4) Kerensa for her acknowledgment that we all, indeed, need a bit of comfort now and then…

5) bimble for his memory, tribute to favored fairy tales, and chilly atmosphere

6) Ian for his love of bears, knowledge of caffeinated side effects, and transcontinental radio connections

7) Yorkshierman for the alternate reality (or is it??!) in addition to the angst caused by sharp steel rods needling me as i try to (unsuccessfully) rest

8) Jack the Lass for her inclusion of the beloved horse into our discussion

9) Dith for calling me on not yet posting *this* post, and her creative use of piracy to explain the inexplicable.

so what’s the true reason i could not fall asleep? thank you for reading – please come back again soon :)

dead tired

so why can’t i sleep?

in other news, went to the gym after work. didn’t sleep much the night before, so i wasn’t in top form. but i went.

as soon as i arrived, i shared my wants and needs with the coach/trainer:
“I don’t want to be here,
and I need lots of praise & encouragement.”

ha! even when i’m exhausted i can crack myself up.

long time no see

Hi friends… it’s been a long time since I posted something of substance, something personal. I’ve actually been feeling a bit, um, shall we say “blue” or “off” for a few weeks… in lieu of spreading that malaise around, I felt better about being absent.

and, well…now I’m feeling better.

the reason I know this? because I’ve been cleaning/organizing.

You know how they say that one’s home reflects his/her state of mind? Well, there’s also the theory that a cluttered space is indicative of a creative mind.

then I must be incredibly creative.

I’m still unpacking and organizing from my move over a year ago. But it’s time to kick my b-u-t-t into gear and get settled here (hey, that rhymes). I waste so much time looking for things…and being around clutter drains energy from me – and I don’t have that much energy to waste!!!

The beginning of the school year is sooooo draining… and working with all the teachers’ personalities is even more draining… when I come home I just want to receive a huge hug and have some down time. I’ve got the down-time covered, and am working on the hug part. We shall see…

For those of you who will read a post if it’s short, I will stop here… for those of you who would like to read more, please send me a comment and I’ll see what I can do (yes, a pathetic request for comments…but am feeling a tad needy at the moment!)

take care now,