Monthly Archives: October 2007

help me understand

…why is it that i can be looking forward to something –
and then one brief (2 min) conversation can make me feel disappointed, frustrated, unpatient, sad, and rejected..? also stupid. to tell you the truth, my innocent optimism is feeling a bit foolish.

…and the worse part? if i were to transcribe the conversation, you wouldn’t necessarily see why i feel the way i do. (although, some of you might)

i’ve been bouncing around an emotional room recently … my head hurts.

things have been a bit quiet around here lately…

hello all – nice to see you. thanks for stopping by …feel free to leave a comment – they make me feel good :)

i’ve been busy, not as visible as i have been…but still around.

got some good news today – i started going to a gym in late August… and just weighed in today, and i have officially lost 14 pounds and 7.5 inches! not sure about all the conversion rates for you metric folks, but this makes me feel good. (i worked out even harder today after receiving the good news)

new furnace is installed! only a few minor hiccups, but the contractor handled them well…and now it doesn’t sound like a machine gun each and every time the air conditioning/heat turns on or off… my houseguests will be so pleased.

i have another contractor here this week to repair my bricks… have several settlement cracks, and am thrilled the work is finally being done (before winter water/moisture gets into cracks and makes them bigger).

things are starting to happen… my life is becoming more and more managable (with each passing year i learn and grow… and become better at handling things)


am thinking about a career shift within my field- which will involve going back to school to obtain a second degree (while working full time)… which is a huge time committment. need to gather more info, but i could technically do it in one year (and be insane) or spread it out over a longer time frame (and get burned-out) …these are things i will have to consider.

and since i’m single at the moment, perhaps i should just do it and get it over with? (seeing as it wont’ cut into my personal life too much?!) perhaps i’ll start next fall semester? or this upcoming spring? i just don’t know…but have faith things will work out in the end.

i’ve also asked my boss if i can take her out for a drink after work to discuss a possible job shift for this upcoming year (unrelated to going back to school). we haven’t scheduled it yet, but we’re planning it soon.

had a really nice time last weekend going to garage sales with my sister. our relationship hasn’t been as i would have liked since i moved to the area 8 years ago – this is the first time we’ve actually done something sisterly… it’s encouraging, and hopefully we’ll get to know & like one another (if we can keep from making each other defensive and prickly!!)

i know it’s all about what you put out there in the universe… karma. positive energy. whatever you want to call it. i think of this as a stage to my next phase. this is a nice transition time.

head space

these two musical jingles have been running around in my head for over a week…thought you might enjoy them too. i’m interested to know if the musician is really a musician…perhaps sometime i could buy her/their album?

actually, i just found out – apparently she’s not a signed artist. pity. i’d buy her stuff. makes me feel good… an affordable luxury, feel-good-music…

[UPDATE: this is from a group called The Feist]


[UPDATE: this one is Ingrid Michaelson]