Monthly Archives: December 2007

for all who are unwell

especially steve…and any other man who is feeling a bit under the weather:

my journey went well – arrived in 13 1/2 hours! amazing. completely uneventful, a true blessing. came out the following day, though, and found a flat tire. glad it waited until after i completed the 865 mile journey.

we decorated the tree, i got my tire fixed, presents are wrapped… am picking my brother up at the bus depot in a few hours – Merry Christmas, everyone :)

ok ok ok

because i’ve missed you all so much, i’m writing again…

today i stayed late at work…which felt great – got a few things accomplished that I’ve successfully procrastinated with for some time now… and they’re currently crossed off the To Do list. fantastic.

have no food in the pantry…and it’s near 8pm, and i havne’t eaten dinner. i will either
1) eat cereal
2) make popcorn
3) not eat
4) get take out.
(i secretly hope #4 will win because i don’t really like the cereal…)

time to go make more presents! but first: figure out about dinner… a girl’s gotta keep up her strength.

all blogged out

I archived, then began writing a blog entry over the weekend… then it vanished. Haven’t had the energy to get back to you until now.

Thank you for your kind words recently, and please accept my apology for being absent. I’ve been checking in randomly, but unfortunately have not been very good at keeping up with each of you.

Well wishes and a very Merry Christmas to everyone… God bless us!

I’ve been making presents… this year its ornaments and homemade soaps. And a few random scarves (scarfs? huh – no spelling errors noted…perhaps both spellings are accurate?). I also took an idea from one of you (who was it?!) Remember Th_? derived from a conversation with M@? Well… I’m making a plaque for my younger brother whose name is Matt – it’s a wooden plaque, stained dark, and I will be painting “M@” on it (not sure which color yet – am waiting for inspiration…and for the stain to dry first)

Had a very nice Thanksgiving holiday – my mother was in town, and we just spent quality time together. She helped me make some beautiful curtains. One of these days I’ll do the flickr thing and you can see.

Haven’t been working on a particular personal project – not sure why I decided to stop going to the gym, but I put my account on hold for a month. Better that than to feel like **** each and every time I drive by the establishment.

This past Saturday marked 14 years since I had a near fatal car accident. Some years the ‘anniversary’ passes without notice, some years I’m a bit off until I realize the connection (I’m sure one or two of you could explain the neurological background better than I, but simply put: our brains remember things even when we’re not consciously aware of them).

(edit) Am also wondering where is my faith? Been thinking a lot about church and stuff…. haven’t found one that I want to join, but I’ve done a little looking. Although, not hard-core. This past weekend I made beautifully scented soaps instead of going to church. Excuses, excuses. I remember a speaker once said “An excuse is just a lie wrapped around a reason”. Never liked that sentiment much… probably because there’s a kernel of truth to it.

Part of the reason I’ve been gone is because it’s easier to be quite sometimes… Instead of trying too hard by using emotional energy I don’t have.

I’ll be leaving later this week – driving over 900 miles to the east coast. Need to get some books on tape for the journey… I’ll be incommunicado (unless there’s a story I just have to share!) but anticipate being back here soon.

Consider yourself hugged!!!

Merry Christmas! and a Happy New Year :)