Monthly Archives: April 2008


long time no see… things have been busy, in kindof a good way. (by the way, someone found me with “i need a funnny blessing or grace for a dinner meeting”… makes me giggle)

just finished my 2007 taxes! will mail tomorrow.

had two challenging conversations this week, both of which went very well. i guess that means i’m growing… saying what needs to be said, setting appropriate boundaries, and being stronger.

i value people and friends (new, old, cyber, i.r.l.) more and more each day… thank you!

had a great time with my 9-and-three-quarters-year-old niece last weekend – she’s such a nice child, and i enjoyed our time together… maybe one day there will be children of my own in my future (by birth and/or adoption). but i’ve decided to put that on the back burner right now, as i’d like very much to provide a 2-parent home if possible. i’ll revisit this in a few years if i’m single… sometimes these things take care of themselves (at least that’s the story i’m telling myself this week)

father’s health is still poor, continue to be concerned about both parents especially mom as she takes care of both of them…and it’s difficult being a child so far away.

am encouraged by new friendships that are forming… recently met a few new people, and it seems we have a lot in common and are in similar life stages…which is validating. and encouraging. i’ve isolated myself for so many years, it’s nice to finally break out and be fairly social.

am meeting two new friends for breakfast tomorrow morning, then we’ll hit the local farmer’s market. then, for some strange reason, i scheduled a dentist appointment in the middle of my saturday. humph. at least my teeth will be clean.

am beginning to realize how i sabatage my weight loss… it’s a process, and i’m making progress. but i need that internal motivation piece to start burning… start getting at me so i can prioritize … and focus less on weight loss and more on overall health. like i said, it’s a process. and i do think weight loss different for men & women (generally speaking), as we often use food differently in our lives.

other than that, not much has changed… i do apologize that this isn’t a more entertaining or story filled post. but i’m so glad you stopped by. how are you doing? please feel free to stay and chat… we enjoy the art of hospitality at the Rain Wiblog Tea Inn.