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Wiblog entry for 21/07/2008

thanks for your comments miss lisa & ian – i’m right here :) i go back to work on the 4th of august, which means my ‘summer’ is over – visitors are coming this week, then next week i visit family on the east coast, then viola! back to work. it’s amazing – these weeks have flown by. the handyman/hire/workman situation is finally over… i’m waiting for the check to clear my bank account so i can do a happy dance and be completely finished with the entire thing. i’ve worked very hard on my house these past few weeks, and have a bit more to do…but i’m ready for when company comes. my father is in intensive care, which is why i’m headed out of town to visit soon. i’m pretty detached about his ongoing medical ups and downs, but i want to be a support to my mom. in other news, i’m so blessed by a new friendship. it’s been a long time since i had a girlfriend with whom i can be completely myself…an everyday friend. i remember praying for one…and lo and behold, she showed up. i’ve been fairly mellow, happy about some things and very dissatisfied about others, acknowledging anger & how that manifests itself in my life, too…still mulling things over in my mind’s eye…will share soon. there’s too much to catch up on, and there will be very limited time to blog while i have house guests & travel out of town…so take care of you & consider yourself hugged until i can return on a regular basis.
love, rain.