Monthly Archives: August 2008

greetings & salutations:

hey you – just wanted to say hello… i’ve been around a bit, but definitely am not up-to-date on everyone. i apologize for missing birthdays and anniversaries and major life milestones and new jobs and new additions to family and future adventures and joyful announcements… i appreciate your patience and understanding as i get back in touch…

things got kinda bleak for a while, but then they got better. then different things started to happen, and now there’s a bit more of good stuff vs. over-thinky-potential-hiccup stuff. that’s a much better summary than if i were to explain in great detail… consider it a blessing and you now have 15 extra minutes of your future life back (in lieu of reading a potentially long boring post)

my pastor spoke on prayer and forgiveness and anger and distance from G-D and community…and fathers vs. The Father among other things last week. and i think i’d like to speak to a deacon/elder/pastor/christian counselor re: how a combination of these issues have been a stumbling block for me over the past few years. why is it that at times i can be so angry? why is it that my threshold for frustration at times can be so low? perhaps there’s a spiritual / G-D connection that i’m missing…?! will keep you posted.

have also recently realized just how many good friends i do have, and i’m not as alone as i sometimes think… which is a huge blessing. sometimes we just need to look around, and see the impact we have on others (as they have on us) and realize just what special friends they are…

i’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently – so much so, that it was too much to write about here – especially while i’ve been processing… but as soon as i get things figured out, i’ll be sure to let you know.

have a great weekend, whenever you are.