Hi there – seems like everyone has been blogging within the last 36 hours…(have you seen the long list??!) and, since I like to follow the crowd and do what they’re doing, here is my most current post:

I got some bad news from the doctor today – ended up leaving work and going home. After some research, I realize it’s not unbad, however it is common, and there are lots of ways to deal with it. So… hopefully things will work themselves out and I’ll be just fine in the end. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster of a day, though. My head hurts.

In other news, I have a question about Firefox… a dear friend suggested using shift + delete to do this, but it didn’t permanently work: In the drop down menu in the address bar, there is a list of the most recent sites/most frequently visited sites I go to. The Wibsite/Wibblethrope/Admin are three of them. I’d like to be able to remove these addresses/links (to protect the location/identity of this blog, actually) before other people use my computer. Is there a way to accomplish this? I’ve tried changing the history, clearing private data, etc. When I used Delete or Shift + Delete it’ll remove the address immediately, but when I click on the drop down menu again it reappears… suggestions??! Thank you!

I know we’ve had various discussions about privacy and names and pseudonyms and being private in a very public forum… and, well, for right now I want to keep this community to myself – and not feel I need to censor my self or my thoughts any more than I already do… does that make sense? To be a safe place to come when I’m ready, able, and willing…

Things continue to go well with my person… he has referred to me as his ‘girlfriend’ on several occasions… which makes my insides fludder (in a good way). But yet I continually describe him as someone I care about/am spending time with/enjoy the company of, etc. and have yet to call him the “b” word. Not sure why, other than it’s been a long time… maybe with some additional time it’ll be much easier to more accurately refer to him as someone who’s becoming more and more dear to me. Will keep you posted. And just for the record, I’m really happy.

Am excited about the upcoming sermon series at church, entitled “Doubting Your Doubts” based on the book by Tim Keller. Should be intellectually stimulating, challenging, and affirming among other things – will keep you posted as things strike me there, too.

Am saying ‘No’ to people and things, too, which is great – very liberating, this “can’t please everyone all of the time so stop trying” thing.

Please stop by and say hello… there’s some tea brewing and some biscuits in the oven – look forward to seeing you soon! :)

10 thoughts on “blogging?

  1. For some reason, no comment – I was trying to recommend Google’s new browser, which has an incognito facility …

  2. I’m glad Chas had some sensible suggestions, as all I could think of was clearing cookies (which as you say doesn’t delete things permanently, and anyway I haven’t yet tried it with the latest firefox version).

  3. The latest Firefox (3) has, under Tools, an option to Clear Private Data, which looks as if it might be useful …

  4. Which version of Firefox do you have? I have 3, and if I press on any of the drop-down items they are removed: until I go to them again; then you need to do it again. The only way is to, as suggested, clear the Cache.

    Also, I notice that if you have any of the sites bookmarked, they automatically appear there. If you want them removed, you’ll need to remove them from your Bookmarks too.

    Prayers for the health, hurrahs for your "person" and the up-coming series, and that cup of tea and biscuit sound wonderful, thank you!

  5. thank you thank you everyone! for the encouragement, and Firefox suggestions.

    Ian won with his "bookmarks" note… deleted the specific bookmarks, then deleted the specific items in the drop down menu… now they’re gone! Whooo-hoo! Privacy will reign…until I leave the website up on the desktop ;)

    I’m so glad everyone’s enjoying the tea and biscuits – chocolates ones are almost ready (still in the oven) Thanks for stopping by!


  6. Hello!

    Tasty biscuits you have here!

    Good to hear that things are going well with ‘your person’. Sounds very exciting.

    Praying for you about health matters.

  7. hope I’m in time for the choccy bikkies – and glad you ask the address question! I realise that when the whole fam comes by at the end of Jan next year they’ll be on my computer! And four of them are most certainly net savvy enough to find things and follow them! But now I know what to do (thanks Ian) I’ll do a little deletin’ and all will be well :)

    PS nice about the ‘oyfriend’ (I thought it mightn’t be such an issue if you remove the b) .. and sorry about the health thing, hopefully it will be something that you can deal with … and remember that we can all pray about it even if we don’t know what we’re praying about – it’s that whole omniscient God thing again :)

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