excuse me – may I please have your help?

Hi there – there’s quite a bit to catch up on, so I will sum up:
things are going well. These things include job, family, and personal life. The future is looking good too. And I’m thrilled.

In other news, I need your help! I saw a print/poster about 15 years ago, which I loved… please tell me if it sounds familiar, because I’ve been doing google.com searches out the wazoo, and can’t find it!

It was an image of a stone gargoyle (or something medieval like that) reaching out to touch a bubble… and I think his/its hand was starting to turn human or into something more life-like. I remember feeling hopeful, child-like innocence, and, well, it touched my heart.

Any suggestions on the artist/name of piece/potential links? I thought someone in this community might have knowledge of gargoyles :)

hope you’re doing well – consider yourself hugged,

6 thoughts on “excuse me – may I please have your help?

  1. nessa – i love it! it makes me smile… i might start sporting that image on my clothing – just to make a gargoyle-like statement :)

    and Chas – that’s a striking image… thank you for sharing the link!

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