Hi hi – haven’t been able to find the poster/print (see below) but *promise* to share once I do finally locate it :)

Things are continuing to go well in job/family/personal life… so we shall see. I haven’t been posting much recently – a lot more of my free time has filled up quite a bit recently… not that I’m complaining – it’s just an adjustment to something new and hopefully wonderful…but definitely something new to get used to.

My father’s health continues to decline… he’s suffering so much. He finally came home after a very long stint in the hospital, only to return less than a week later due to additional complications. It's really hard to support them, especially my mother, with so many miles between us. I do what I can …and try to pray when I can… but prayer is a challenge for me – which reminds me:
I actually met with a Christian counselor recently – I sought out his services for a referral to someone… and he wanted to have a ‘get to know you’ type of session. It was really good, effective, and I will consider whether or not to follow up with the 2 counselors he recommended. I made an appointment with my regular counselor, so I'll be able to see her in a few weeks. The thought of starting out with a new counselor is somewhat daunting – my old one knows my history and we can focus on the here & now… so, well, donno – I'll keep you posted.

we’ve had a great deal of rain recently, so my basement got a wee bit damp… including a small steady stream flowing from the corner of the house to the drain in the floor on the other side of the basement. Needless to say I feel a bit sick about it all… but a friend recommended installing a drain outside (under the driveway) and then we could seal the concrete walls… and THEN I can paint & install new carpeting. But first things first. A bit daunting, but totally doable in small steps & stages.

The nice thing about everything though… is that there’s hope that I might not be alone anymore. Truly! But I'm trying not to be too optimistic… or plan too far into the future (so far I can handle about 4 – 5 days in advance re: scheduling). But am working *very* hard to be breezy… and just roll with it during the moment instead of engineering something that isn’t there… and the nicest thing about it is that it feels so familiar and comfortable and, well, good. Something else came to me recently too: no matter what happens – if we continue to walk together, or if our paths part in the near/distant future… I’m going to be just fine. It’s as though someone – perhaps G-D? is saying “Mary, you will be just fine – whatever happens, you will be just fine” … so…well…we shall see.

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  1. But I pressed ‘save’ too soon – also meant to say prayers for you and your mum and dad – hang on in there xx

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