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sorry i don’t have more substance on this blog as of late… not sure why i’ve been a woman of few words… maybe that’s because i’ve got so many of them running around in my head? who knows.

things i’m thankful for:
– my friends
– a job that is challenging (albeit draining at times)
– cinnamon chip french toast (to be cooked fairly shortly… the anticipation is killing me)
– coffee currently brewing
– beautiful autumn weather
– the forecast for a gorgeous day ahead

things i can’t do anything about:
– why even write this category? although cathartic, it won’t help me much… so i’ll just leave this one alone

things that i look forward to in the future:
– understanding why G-D allows suffering in the world
– understanding why life can get messy and complicated at times
– cultivating more community and… and… well – that’s about it.

i have no idea where this came from – please feel free to steal 1.5 minutes back from me (as I’ve stolen from you b/c you’ve read this blog)

just wanted to say hello – hope you are doing well, gentle reader… whenever you are on this big mostly green earth :)


thank you all for your comments in the last post – they were thoroughly enjoyable! and helped me through my week –

especially noteworthy:
T&E’s favorite quote
Miss Lisa's most important life lesson
Ian's things he’s thankful for (me too!)
Rosamundi's life lesson made me laugh out loud!
Chas' favorite quote & and his wish list item is impressive indeed!
Steve makes me want to go back and visit the pre-1980 music scene (actually, i’ve got some of his stuff…good stuff!)
Jack the Lass makes me 1) very proud of her for her #5 and 2) i’m totally intrigued by her music selection…note to self: check Seth out soon.

Thank you all for playing – it’s been a pleasure, and I now have some really really really good book suggestions for the next time I walk into a library and think to myself (totally overwhelmed) “there’s nothing good to read here”

You may now pass Go and collect $200

:boundaries: …building and rebuliding.


So I’ve recently had to reestablish some significant boundaries with someone… which is a challenge. Especially since the boundaries were pushed to extreme & became blurry and tangled and undefined…so now it’s time to redefine things.

And, I’m learning, that sometimes this process is painful and/or hurtful. However, in the long run, when you’re investing in a friendship/relationship, and both parties are in with both feet (or at least 1.5 feet), in my heart, I know it’s totally worth it. Hopefully the feeling is mutual.

In other news, I took a mental health day today… in doing so, I feel justified in taking a “sick day” because if I went to work today *while* not wanting to be there, it would make me sick. (the justification works in my head, anyway!)

Did not get much of anything accomplished, except to ‘think’. And I made a few crafts (including starting some holiday presents). And took a nap. And went to the store. And I came home. And made dinner. …so maybe it was a productive day after all.

Tomorrow is a looooooooooong day at work – which totally bums me out, because I *really* want to be home in time to watch the Biden/Palin vice presidential candidate debate on television. I know it’ll be up on YouTube or something by Friday, but I want to experience the whole thing live, with the rest of the country/world, you know? Hopefully I won’t get a speeding ticket while traveling home in time to switch on the tv… wish me luck.

Thanks for stopping by – please sign the guest book below & share one of the following (if you feel so inclined…’tis not required):
1. two things you’re thankful for (today)
2. a favorite quote
3. your current favorite musical group/musician
4. title of your all time favorite book and/or movie
5. something from your life’s before-I-die-I-want-to_______ wish list
6. most important life lesson you’ve learned thus far

thank you in advance… be well, and consider yourself hugged (((((insert-your-name-here)))))

p.s. thank you, everyone, for the validating comments in the previous post :)