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some photos…

here are a few things I’ve been up to this weekend…(stayed up waaaaaaaaaaaaay too late last night, but have documentation for how I spent that time) :D

here’s the overall (albeit fuzzy) view:
grand view

and the tree :)
rain's christmas tree

my grandmother had a tradition – a huge collection of Santas she collected over the years… which spilled out from on top of her mantel into her living room… (but mostly on the mantel). So, after she passed, and after I had a home of my own, I began my own Santa collection…it makes me smile to think of her when i look at them :)
Stantas on the mantel...

and a friend gave this to me a while ago – this is the first time I’ve used it. a beautiful little Victorian house w/ a light inside… isn’t it precious? Might be hard to see, but there’s snow on the top! and a little movable swing on the front porch… so sweet.
Victorian illuminated house...for the holidaysVictorian illuminated house...for the holidays (crop)

in a few days I’ll be able to start my ornaments… they’re painted glass – this year (thanks to my helpful IT-like friends & Flickr, i’ll be able to share images with you!)
Have a great start to your weeks ahead!


(still figuring out the blog design i like best… what do you think? very orange…)

I’ve been back for a few days – going to work on Monday morning was a chore, but I did it… whenever I go out of town, it seems like even more time has passed b/c I’ve had to spend time preparing to leave (laundry, stop mail delivery, strategically figure out food for trip and how to not fill my refrigerator with groceries, you know – stuff) Suddenly it’s today, Thursday, and I’ve been home again for several days. Here were some highlights from my trip:

  1. the train ride was fantastic. we upgraded to ‘business class’ which meant more leg room & quieter train car… it was great b/c i got to work on a crochet project (images to follow soon)
  2. the hotel was gorgeous – an historic building, the room was larger than my old condominium/apartment/flat. Here are some photos…the bathroom wallpaper is intriguing – and it works from an aesthetic standpoint… beautiful.
  3. the days at the convention were intense, but great – I felt validated and encouraged about how I do my job. It was so good to see my old professors, get updated on the most current research, and come away with new ideas for treatment with my current caseload (young children with special needs)
  4. it was so validating to talk to my undergraduate department chair – she would love for me to come back and get my PhD… she’d help me find the money/grants to support my education… that’s just lovely. I’ll keep that in my pocket for a long, long time.
  5. my coworkers who also attended the convention were great – one of which is a good traveling companion… it was so nice to be around people who know me so well :)
  6. it was also nice to get out of town for a bit… the trip couldn’t have come at a better time, as I’m still sad about my decision to end the relationship… but as more time has passed, I know in my heart I did the right thing. I’m just giving myself time to grieve… i was *so* hopeful, so ready, so excited about where things were going… but in the end I realized it wasn’t right. I keep telling myself I’d rather be alone than get lost in a relationship with someone who isn’t capable of respecting boundaries… and a lifetime of that? no thank you.
  7. Sometimes the best part of going away is the-coming-home-again… it was such a pleasure to see my house and crawl into my own bed again :D
  8. Overall it was such a good opportunity to gain additional knowledge and skills to take back to my job – and a professional booster on many levels :)

I’m off to go cook a few things for Thanksgiving dinner…


and here we have an Australian bilby…and classically music themed chocolate…
Thank you everyone for your helpful suggestions! Was finally able to pull it off by 1) registering for a Flickr account 2) doing the ‘all sizes’ code thing (thanks Jack!) 3) going into the “html” view (instead of ‘visual’ view) to paste the code… and then 4) when I switched back to visual it was there! amazing, this technology stuff : )

bilby & musical chocolate...

a beautiful bilby from Oz

aussie bilby, musical chocolate, and visiting turtle....

ok, so i still don’t know what i’m doing…

i opened a Flickr account, but can’t get it to make the images ‘blog ready’ because it won’t accept my username/password… to the blog? to the flickr account?  doesn’t matter – neither worked.

hopefully this will, though!  please click on these links, and see the beautiful bilby and musical chocolate from Singing Semele… and if you look carefully you might just find an interloping turtle…  :D

maybe one day i’ll have actual images on my blog!  gotta run – just enough time to jump in the shower, dry hair, and dash out the door…

have a great day!  ~rain.

images and such…

hello!  i’m so excited to show you my new Bilby (see fun details in post below)… but alas, i cannot upload the image.  any suggestions?  perhaps an impaired rain-techy-savvy issue? a design issue? a wordpress issue? a system wide issue? …or should i just tell you how fun it is to look at and let you use your vivid imaginations…?  ah, yes!  that’s the ticket!


will gladly post about my Chicago trip later in the day… currently working on finishing a scarf (which i’ll show you after i figure out the whole picture thing) and making the shopping list for Thanksgiving holiday…  goodness, the weekend is almost over…yet it feels it has just begun!

a W.I.S.E. parcel…

hello everyone!  i just got home from Chicago and found my bundle of mail inside the door… and was thrilled to see a lumpy package.  I was equally thrilled to see it was from Australia… and it had a familiar name on the return address… ah!  my WISE gift had arrived!  Wonderful!

So, I was exhausted (near midnight) after traveling for the past six 1/2 hours… but was so excited to open the package… and… well, let’s take a look!  This is what Semele wrote recently:

Much like Ian, I went with an Australian theme. Unlike Ian, I neglected to include a Christmas card so sorry to my WISE recipient for that lapse in judgment (

No worries about the Christmas card – a beautiful little box arrived with a delightful little Bilby inside (see here for what a bilby is: it’s native to Australia and it seems is near extinction because its habitat has changed so much within the last century…) luckily i now have a handcrafted ornament for my tree to forever honor the little rugrat :)

and thank you for the yummy delicious Australian chocolate – I’ll save it for an extra special moment… it’s not every day I get Australian chocolate personally imported by a wiblike friend from far away shores :)

whooo-hoo!  thank you!  and an early very merry Christmas!


[edit: ok, what am i doing wrong?  i went to ‘add media’ and selected ‘image’ then did ‘browse’ to select picture… and then save/add to post, then when i published it there was no picture!  help!!!!!]

[edit: so i logged out of Firefox browser, logged back in under Internet Explorer… let’s see if this will work]

[edit: what am i doing wrong?  tried to ‘browse’ through the Flash program, then tried to do it through the Browser Uploader option… i wanna show you the Bilby!  it’s adorable!!!!!!!]

[edit: so i tried ‘media’ instead, and the same error occurred… gah!  one day this will be figured out0

[edit: so now i’ve switched the theme to see if it was, indeed, a design/theme issue… let’s see how this goes – nope, that doesn’t fix it either… grah!]

almost ready!

the laundry is mostly sorted… (but not yet packed).  snacks for the train (packed).  medicine, toiletries, sox (soon-shall-be-packed).

i’m going on a train trip tomorrow… ooooh, exciting!

I’m already looking forward to catching up when I get back (and seeing the WISE photos!)

take care, be well, and don’t miss me too terribly much… love,  ~rain.


a funny

When I rearranged my bedroom yesterday… the bed went snug into a corner instead of just hanging out in the middle of the room… so, now that it’s in a corner, there’s only one way in/out.  It’s the right side.

…now I will most definitely get up on the right side of the bed each and every morning!

earlier today, a little before now…

While I type this, am in the process of taking my temperature, and have created a list-of-things-to-do today while home sick.  What’s interesting is that I began a project that was not on my original list… but I will add it to said list so that I may immediately cross it off.

  1. get security bars for exterior door [edit: will accomplish tomorrow on way home from work ]
  2. pick up chicken soup (or something) from grocery store [edit: didn’t have an appetite…oh well ]
  3. rake and/or mulch leaves in yard
  4. make bed w/ flannel sheets… move bed to other wall, unplug/plug in lamps, rearrange bedroom…
  5. clean clutter in kitchen [edit: will accomplish before heading to bed]
  6. remove outside hose, turn off water to spigot… clear spout of water (so it doesn’t freeze & expand) [edit: could only do 1/2… turns out the piping for the new furnace i installed last fall is blocking the water pipe shut-off-valve… rats!  must call handyman or plumber… yikes. ]
  7. cancel dr. appointment [edit: oops – too late… try tomorrow.  Done!]
  8. organize linen closet (so far i’ve organized sheet sizes, towel sizes, curtains/tablecloths, washcloths, and hand towels… now it’s a matter of putting them back into the closet… wish me luck)

…that should be enough time… ah, yes – fever down a bit, but still elevated…. it’s nice to be validated w/ a real fever when i’ve been feeling rather crummy as of late :)