woke up last night to a car’s horn blaring in the driveway – at 2:30 AM!!! I was disoriented, thought it was my car, quickly swung my legs to hop out of bed and see what was the matter when *SLAM* I hurled myself into the wall (my bed is against a wall…) and in all the confusion (and bodily injury) it took me several moments to reorient myself to my very own bedroom…and realize it was not my car honking but my neighbor’s on the other side of my house… a few additional moments later I heard the husband outside trying to shut off the darn *incredibly loud* alarm thingy…(which was hampered by the overnight ice storm). i wonder if he wore sturdy shoes? sure hope he didn’t slip on the dash out the door to turn off the honks & blinking lights… it was a rude awakening indeed! eventually i realized that no one was breaking into homes/cars, that the world was going to be just fine, and that i needed to crawl back into bed and get more shut eye… so i did. now it’s near bedtime again and i’m looking forward to an uninterruped full night’s sleep. rest well, whenever you are dear readers… love, ~rain.

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