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stepping out

have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone?

have been feeling under the weather recently… this is my 2nd day off from work, have accomplished nothing except moving in slow motion and doing mundane tasks with increasingly great effort.

In lieu of being crabby or feeling down, I thought “I know!  I’ll make a happy list!  Perhaps this will be the beginning of a new blog entry…”

  1. good friends
  2. robutussin
  3. cellular phone service
  4. a working car
  5. tissues
  6. lotion
  7. soap
  8. fresh water
  9. hepa vacuum
  10. electricity, for that matter
  11. comphy bed upon which to lay my head
  12. poetry, spontaneous and otherwise
  13. Home Goods store  (as i have decided to buy 1 or 2 plates of patterns i like…and fill my kitchen with an eclectic beautiful set of dishes when the ******* kitchen is complete)
  14. cranberry juice: while flavorful, it is not citrus based, therefore does not interfere with medications, while being highly hydrating.
  15. the public library
  16. lists

The kitchen project is still underway.  It has take sooooooooo much longer than originally planned.  I thought in this economy, it would be fairly easy to get the work done well in a timely manner.  Unfortunately, most of the men who have played a hand in the rehab project have proved themselves incompetent.  They need a keeper.  Instead of being homeowner/customer, I’m also the general contractor, mother/supplier-of-things, and check-er-up-er-on-things-that-were-supposed-to-be-accomplished-in-an-efficient-and-quality-manner.

it’s exhausting.

Work is intense.  I need to hold on tight to my Half-Full attitude…as it’s such a negative environment it’s difficult to fight sometimes.  I dont’ want to be 32 and bitter and angry and irritated in my job and the work environment… I want to be 32 and happy and outgoing and thrilled at the opportunities my job sets at my feet.

I stepped out of my comfort zone, and was encouaged this week: went to a group for single women at the church… its focus is ‘intimacy’ which includes intimacy with G-D, intimacy with friends/familiy, and intimacy with the opposite sex.  So far, it was validating, in a way, to hear about other women’s struggles with similar issues… the first meeting was all about introductions and making short & long-term plans/goals.  Hopefully there will be some fruit evident in my life as this little excurion continues… whether it’s tilling the cold hard soil, planting seeds, watering a little plant,  pruning, or even celebrating with a fresh piece of fruit on a hot summer’s day.  Who knows?  it’s a journey.

it’s been busy

(whoops – i did it wrong…lemme try again)

I haven’t been blogging much recently, but I *have* been doing a few other things… below you’ll find some new photos of the still unfinished project.  The final touches will probably be in place by, um, say, early March.  Seeing as it’s mid-February now, I don’t see why I can’t handle things for another 2 – 3 weeks.

[wow!  dashboard changes… thanks for your patience as i navigate the new system..]

Ok, so…here’s some stuff!

The old bathroom –

side view of OLD bathroom...ugly, huh?

the old sink vanity:

now this is sitting in my garage, awaiting its next mission: discard pile? or additional storage?

the old bathroom, front view:

old light & cabinet (tri-door)

Compared to… the NEW stuff!

Check out the NEW bathroom, side view: side view two

the NEW sink vanity: boardwalk vanity

the NEW bathroom faucet! old fashioned faucet

the NEW bathroom light! tiffany lamp :)

(isn’t she pretty? there’s stained glass throughout the house…thought this kinda went with the theme…)

Oh, and don’t get me started on the kitchen… that’s a whole ‘nother post! but just to whet your appetite –

Before: the last hand-washed dishes in the sink After: no sink!


the stove nook...very cluttered. blech.


stove nook...empty.

more images forthcoming …as my kitchen is rebuilt and my life gradually comes out of caios!  :)