Monthly Archives: May 2009

um, what was it…?

Remember the conversation a while back, about the correlation between people who procrastinate and perfectionists?  I have been at this here dashboard on multiple occasions, yet still am unable to put up a post.  Am actually writing now to say hello and I’ll be back… apparently it’s baby step time. (a few times I let dashboard logging in problems stop me, however i believe the ‘bookmark’ i made a while ago was the actual culprit…)

Ian, I got you beat – this morning was up at 3:30, tried to go back to sleep, couldn’t, so thought “hey no excuses – now i can go post on the wib” and now it’s 5:37, I’ve successfully procrastinated my time away, and thus it’s time to shut off the alarm and prepare for the day ahead.  Gah.

Miss Lisa, thank you again for your gentle nudging – always welcome and brings a smile.

The following is a list of potential topics for future entries, as they’ve been bouncing around in my pretty little head for a while… perhaps it would help at some point to flush them out and deposit them here instead:

  • current age and the one that’s right around the corner
  • church and the people therein
  • bitterness vs. optimism (and the winner is…?)
  • people in general (and specific)
  • singleness
  • libraries
  • all things work
  • thoughts, etc.
  • home improvements and the headaches involved
  • friendship and all that’s involved
  • singleness
  • family and relations and relationships and family stuff
  • faith
  • all things stress
  • reaching out and touching no one
  • seeking and coming up empty handed
  • giving and having it lost
  • writing and yet it evaporated
  • connecting and reconnecting
  • singleness
  • reconciling being hard-wired and playing with the cards I’ve been dealt

I’ve been around.  and I’ll be back – just wanted to stop in and say hi.  Take care of you,