Monthly Archives: March 2010

Already Done (aka the “UnToDo” List)

Already Done:

  • pay painters (painted basement, 2nd floor, basement stairs, bathroom)
  • wait for stairs to dry before walking on them
  • packed up most ‘extra’ kitchen things – now in boxes
  • donate unused clothes/shoes/electronics, etc.
  • get a donation slip for next year’s taxes
  • install large shelf onto freshly painted basement wall
  • put furniture back where it came from all around basement
  • pack up therapy/work materials
  • box up books
  • move bookshelves down to basement to make additional room on main floor
  • declutter and reorgainze craft/utility room
  • vacuum/hoover basement… again.  and again.  and once again.
  • post ad on re: free items to give away to someone who wants them (2″ wood flooring, sink base cabinet, freestanding cabinets, light fixtures, bathroom vanity, wood drawers/doors from old kitchen cabinet, used sink disposal, etc.)
  • respond to 47 messages in response to the above ad online
  • meet 4 people to pick up most items – assist taking items to his/her car
  • put packed boxes on bookshelves or stack neatly in corner of basement
  • make sure to NOT pack b-day gifts for upcoming niece/nephew birthdays
  • take out trash (several times)
  • recycle unused boxes/recyclables
  • make mental lists of all the other things i need to accomplish in a very short period of time
  • switch out energy efficient light bulbs with regular bulbs – it’s better light for showing the house, and that way i can keep my $$ bulbs for my new place, wherever that may be!
  • meet with real estate agent, discuss all the $ i’ve put into the house & discussed the current housing market (and was told not to get my hopes up for breaking even…)
  • have dinner with my former boss – have a marvelous time
  • keep phone appointment (when i’ve been incredibly forgetful recently)
  • take framed pictures/art down to basement
  • patch walls on main floor
  • touch up basement stair paint (because the painter didn’t fully remove the carpet pieces… thus a big problem — easily fixed with more paint)
  • hire someone to do yard work – pick up all leaves & gumballs in front/back yard & under deck & in stairwell (definitely worth the $$ to have it done)
  • sort things to take to work, give to coworkers, give to students, leave for next therapist (who takes my place) and put it in my car


the current list of things to do includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  1. vacuum upstairs
  2. “stage” furniture on 2nd floor
  3. clean sink/vanity upstairs
  4. bring down extra unnecessary items upstairs
  5. LAUNDRY – haven’t done any in weeks… need some freshly laundered socks & stuff
  6. fold laundry that’s currently in clean pile
  7. vacuum everywhere
  8. dust everything
  9. declutter everthing – even closets and cabinets (which drives me crazy b/c I’m such a private person and I don’t want strangers LOOKING in my cabinets/closets)
  10. did I mention laundry?
  11. make a list – go to grocery store…so i can eat real food – enough of these left overs!!!!!
  12. tackle my bedroom (laundry, dust, declutter, sort into keep/donate, rearrange furniture)
  13. go to sleep and recoup/rest for tomorrow.