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thirty four soliciting wisdom & life lessons

hello, hello!   yes, so today is the start of my 34th year… no more double-digits (gotta wait until my 44th) and am now in my mid-thirties.  I feel as though I’m learning a great deal about being myself, about the world, about food & nutrition, about relationships, about family, among lots of other things up until this point…and I look forward to continuing to grow into the future.

I’m interested in knowing what you *wish* you knew when you were 34….

or  what you *hope* to know by the time you’re 34…

or, perhaps, something that you know for sure at your current age of 34.

Advice?  Wisdom?  any interesting Life Lessons Learned? Anecdotes from which to learn?

thank you in advance for playing – and consider yourself hugged ((((((wibsite)))))

conversation w/ 4 year old

just arrived in Colorado, after a 875 mile drive yesterday (approx 15 hours – I am amazing!) to visit with niece and nephews as we await for baby #4 to arrive in the next week or so (hopefully!).

Aunt: “I adore you… and I think you’re pretty cool”

Nephew , 4 years:  (nods) “Yah.  and I think you’re pretty.”

tee-hee  :D