thirty four soliciting wisdom & life lessons

hello, hello!   yes, so today is the start of my 34th year… no more double-digits (gotta wait until my 44th) and am now in my mid-thirties.  I feel as though I’m learning a great deal about being myself, about the world, about food & nutrition, about relationships, about family, among lots of other things up until this point…and I look forward to continuing to grow into the future.

I’m interested in knowing what you *wish* you knew when you were 34….

or  what you *hope* to know by the time you’re 34…

or, perhaps, something that you know for sure at your current age of 34.

Advice?  Wisdom?  any interesting Life Lessons Learned? Anecdotes from which to learn?

thank you in advance for playing – and consider yourself hugged ((((((wibsite)))))

8 thoughts on “thirty four soliciting wisdom & life lessons

  1. Happy Birthday!!

    34 needed fingers and toes to count back to, and what I discovered that year was a whole heap of things about what I was and was not prepared to tolerate in my life!

  2. ooo crumbs, thinking back to 2004 … well, if I’m honest, that was not a fabulous year – most of which was out of my control! In hindsight, the best I can say about it is that I got through it and didn’t (thanks to my mum!) actually quite have the nervous breakdown which various things had been pushing me towards … so I guess, on average, you’d call it a win ;)

    2005 – 35 – was MUCH better! By the end of that year I had really discovered ME, was quite happy with ME, thought my life was pretty darn good, and expressed as much in my ‘non new years revelation’ in my journal on 01/01/06 … and then 5 days later I met Mr Tasmania :) ….

    So, I guess 34 was the year that I hit as close to bottom as I’ve come and started heading right on up – and I’ve kept on going ….

    Guess you could really call it a good year then … if look at it sideways and in the right light – ha ha!

    And seeing as you’re already on your upswing – 34 should be a fabulous year! Go to it girl! :)

  3. That sun protection is a good thing. (I had a malignant melanoma removed at 34 and had to spend the next 5 years having regular check ups).

  4. Happy Birthday! God grant you many, many years.

    Just under 8 months till I am 34…no idea what to expect; not sure what I’m going to do in 8 days let alone 8 months. :)

    I hope to be a bit more confident; in the sense that I can know I can tred my own path and be happy with who I am — basically what Miss Lisa wrote about 35. Perhaps that’ll have to wait until I’m 35. Though given males mature later perhaps it’ll be 53. :D

  5. Happy Birthday!

    At 29 and two weeks, I think I’m finally getting a hang of this living thing. In 5 years time though, I hope I have more courage to act on my convictions, but am less likely to go ‘off on one’. These two themes have been quite central to my ‘maturing’ (ha!) but require more work! But I’m quite away from the shy but frustrated teenager I was…

  6. Hope you had a fantastic birthday!

    34 has now been and gone (sob!). That was the year I first met HD, so part of me wishes that we’d got on with things a bit quicker! But then subsequent experiences helped me, I think, to be more self-aware and thus a better wife, and without them, well I’ll never know…. Anyway, I suppose I wish I had appreciated more that every experience was valuable, but that some just weren’t as important as they seemed at the time. I still wish I appreciate that now, in my 40s!

    So, this reflection has reminded me to both count my blessings and get over myself :)

  7. Those double digits are not as far in the future as you think… for two reasons… one: tempus fugit and your 44th birthday will be here in the twinkling of an eye… and two: (I’m sorry to be the pedant here..) if you have just turned 34 then you have already entered your 35th year ;-) Hope it’s a fun one!

  8. @Japes: thank you! And I thing I’m begging that same journey… this past year has been very enlightening about the kinds of people and circumstances I am willing to tolerate… perhaps it’s right on time :) I hope you’re doing well!

    @misslisa: I appreciate your honesty…it’s refreshing! and it certainly sounds like a win. So 35 was better… it sounds like there’s a theme developing here, too :) Thank you for your encouragement – as the eternal optimist (I thought I lost that part of me, but I found her again: after I quit my job!) I’m inclined to agree – it should be a fabulous year! :)

    @agatha: I couldn’t agree more – you’re absolutely right about sun protection. Since I was 22, I’ve been wearing protection on my face daily, and am ok with my non-tanned skin…and am conscience of protecting it as often as possible. Thank goodness you caught yours early, and it sounds like things have been fine since! Modern science = modern miracles, in my humble opinion :)

    @Ian: thank you!!!! Not knowing something for sure *is* part of the adventure…but I must admit there are times (like, um, now) when I’d really like to know where the next step will take me. I share that same hope – for each of us… and you made me laugh out loud with your transposed numbers! as I’m sure that won’t be the case :)

    @Ferijen: thank you! I love the courage to be in action regarding one’s convictions… in a contained (or logical or non-explosive) manner. My oh my how much we have all changed since our teenage years… I loved turning 29 – had a tea party with friends, the theme of which: “you are invited to help me celebrate my 29th birthdy for the 1st time” (that still makes me giggle!) Happy birthday, Ferijen…and I can’t wait to see what this year brings for you, too :)

    @Jack the Lass: thank you – it was! Sushi and a cooking class…and it got extended to the weekend – lots of celebrating with friends. Ah… the timing factor – if you knew then what you know now, speeding things up would have worked out… but that time was so necessary. That’s what I’m hoping to experience with my odd transition time (last year and this current/upcoming year, too) And every experience is valuable….yes! And your thoughts on your reflection make me giggle – I’d love to put that on a bumper sticker: Count Your Blessings & Get Over Yourself. As a matter of fact, that will now go in my quote book! :)

    @Kerensa: Ohmygoodness you’re absolutely right! I never thought of it that way – I already reached 34, thus this has started my 35th year. WAIT! I JUST LOST ONE YEAR OF MY LIFE! I feel like we’re in ‘THE PRINCESS BRIDE’ at the base of that tree… haha Thank you for the dose of reality, and yes it was fun :)

    thank you all for your insightful and encouraging comments – what a blessing.

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