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~.~ the little engine that could ~.~

After months of searching, talking, scouring the Internet, emailing, talking, sending resumes, talking, following-up, keeping track of things, researching, note taking, talking, and searching…


We’re working out specifics, but I am on board with my new company…we’re working out details for the 3-month job assignment.  In three weeks, they’re sending me to Denton, Maryland – on the eastern shore, not too far from the Atlantic ocean.  I will either be living in Delaware or Maryland – we’re not sure yet.

My house in Missouri is still on the market, but if it doesn’t sell in the next few months, we’ll put it back on in the springtime!  It’s just a matter of finding the right buyer.  And the housing market here is pretty slow…as I’m sure it is in many other places too.

Things are starting to kick into high gear.  It’s going to happen very quickly.
I’m getting into List-Making-Mode… and need to find some sort of car storage to help me bring the things I need – or possibly I could mail myself some things… need to decide on an apartment, then I’ll know what needs to be packed…LISTS!

In other news, VIV (very important visitors) will arrive next week.  My parents are coming for a few days, which will be such a blessing.  I’m trying to get a lot of To Do list tasks accomplished before they arrive…so then we’ll be able to play!

Oh!  and I need to remember how to add photos on here… so I can keep you posted with visuals as this Blank Canvas Project unfolds :)

bowls, jobs, and dreams.

Yesterday I realized that food doesn’t have the same power that it once did.
Yesterday I had a bowl of chips.
And didn’t eat the whole bag.
Nor did I even think of the whole bag.
Instead of using the large bowl currently sitting on the counter, I went and got a cereal bowl out of the cupboard.  As I opened the bag of chips to put a handful into the smaller bowl, I saw the bigger bowl on the counter…and wondered “when did that happen?”.    Although it seems sudden, it’s not.  I no longer felt out of control like food was controlling me… or perhaps my “need” for food was controlling me.  (need to be careful here – sometimes the more I talk/think about something it usually backfires – don’t want to set myself up here, but it was a pretty powerful moment and wanted to get it out).  I ate one or two chips at a time, enjoying the flavor, stopped when I had enough…didn’t shove my mouth full of tasteless chips just to swallow them whole.   Anyway, I’m eating more for fuel… and when there is some emotional eating I know why…and am able to understand more about cravings and what they mean.  Big step, good investment, and glad to be on this side of that particular journey.

Speaking of journeys – Blank Canvas Project:  am spending 6-8 hours/day on the phone with potential employers, trying to find a good fit.  Am working closely with two companies, trying to find a job in either Missouri or in Maryland (I have a license to practice in both of those states already – any other state we’d need approximately 2 months to obtain a license… so if I get started in Missouri or Maryland first, I can apply to a different state and have my new license ready when job #2 comes along).  Oh, are you confused?  Let me explain: am seeking 3-month assignments as a traveling therapist.  So I go to where the jobs are… which is SO different than working in the schools (with absolutely no flexibility) because it’s so different and I’m not locked in for the rest of my life – If I’m not really loving an assignment, no worries… something different is right around the corner.

Sometimes I have dreams that stick with me most of the day, but usually they are right at the tip of my memory after waking up – and are often gone or fade rapidly as I try to chase them…
Then there’s the other side, too – I often daydream quite vividly (and have frequent deja vu) because I’ve either dreamt something, daydreamed it, or have ESP.  I also vividly envision different scenarios, how a conversation may go or how I’d respond to a certain situation.  Not infrequently (unfortunately) I actually think I’ve talked to someone about something / said something / actually had a conversation… only to realize perhaps that’s not the case.  It’s embarrassing sometimes to NEED to clarify about a conversation that may or may not have happened in real life.  I find it’s just easier to preface the odd conversation by sharing about my daydreams – and perhaps I take visualization to a new level.

And let me thank you, each of you, for the collective wisdom shared in the previous post – I’m looking forward to all the growth and wisdom the upcoming year will bring  :)

In other news, there’s a cricket (or grasshopper – can never tell the difference) in my house; it kept me hostage in the living room last night.