She was 103 years old & radiant

Yup.  She *is* 103 years old, and sharp as a tack.
She was having trouble with pureed meats, as they were getting caught under her dentures – she recently lost weight, and her dentures are fitting much more loosely, thus pureed meats get caught and become uncomfortable.  She moves a little more slowly than she used to, so it’s increasingly difficult to get up & rinse her dentures during a meal…. she recently did fine with chicken from-a-bone her family brought in.  Could she try regular meats instead?

So I went in and introduced myself.  We talked.  For a while.  I brought in several consistencies of meat during lunchtime.  She always takes small bites.  She did well with no signs or symptoms of aspiration & her swallow was just fine.  She handled the regular texture just fine…

and while we were talking during our 45 minute interaction, she was glowing.  Absolutely radiant.  She was talking about her faith.  Her belief in GOD.  How good HE is to her.  Some of her history when HE has intervened.

and she was praying for me to come – I was an answer to prayer.  She was so thankful for me. So glad I had come.

All I could think was “um, it’s not that difficult.  I’m in the building – just ask the nurse and I’ll come do an evaluation for you” .  I felt very heathen-like, or rather unfaithful…unbelieving?  there’s a better word out there.

But her faith was so strong.  About everything.  …it really WAS a strong witness…

and I hope at some point, before I’m 103, my belief system will be more of a foundation than it currently is… radiantly glowing.

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  1. you know I adore this post. I love it. I love elderly people. I love that YOU are an answered prayer. Soak it up, my friend. Sometimes, the faith of others increases our own.

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