Monthly Archives: August 2011

breasts & garbage men

yup. that’s right. it’s garbage day.  except they changed the schedule… so the truck came at 6:40am instead of 10:30.  imagine my surprise to hear it…so i dashed outside in my long flowing black nightgown with breasts flailing… grabbed two trashcans, caught the guy’s attention as he was about to pass my house.  i said Wait! I have Two More Cans! and i ran (ran!) back to get the other trashcans (which needed to be empty for Wed’s successful demolition of the craft/utility room) and I got to the street as fast as my little feet would carry me. He waited.  I thanked him profusely (remember I woke up about 20 min ago so I’m still a little groggy…probably not realizing how i look…)  he emptied the remaining two cans…I thanked him again (whew!) and started to gather the garbage cans so I could take them back…and he stopped his truck and looked at me and smiled and said “by the way, my name is Steve!” and i laughed, told him my name…and then realized I looked a sight.  and I’m sure my breasts will still flailing.  i think any red blooded American male would want to introduce himself to flailing breasts in a black nightgown…at 6:40am.  On a tuesday.