breasts & garbage men

yup. that’s right. it’s garbage day.  except they changed the schedule… so the truck came at 6:40am instead of 10:30.  imagine my surprise to hear it…so i dashed outside in my long flowing black nightgown with breasts flailing… grabbed two trashcans, caught the guy’s attention as he was about to pass my house.  i said Wait! I have Two More Cans! and i ran (ran!) back to get the other trashcans (which needed to be empty for Wed’s successful demolition of the craft/utility room) and I got to the street as fast as my little feet would carry me. He waited.  I thanked him profusely (remember I woke up about 20 min ago so I’m still a little groggy…probably not realizing how i look…)  he emptied the remaining two cans…I thanked him again (whew!) and started to gather the garbage cans so I could take them back…and he stopped his truck and looked at me and smiled and said “by the way, my name is Steve!” and i laughed, told him my name…and then realized I looked a sight.  and I’m sure my breasts will still flailing.  i think any red blooded American male would want to introduce himself to flailing breasts in a black nightgown…at 6:40am.  On a tuesday.



4 thoughts on “breasts & garbage men

  1. I’m sure he was most appreciative – and it would’ve brightened up his day… he, after all, had clearly been up and about at some unearthly hour, doing a pretty rubbish job (pun intended – but meaning that his job is not exciting, not that he is not good at it).

  2. thanks ladies! i’m so glad you enjoyed my story… (i think the men are probably too embarrassed to comment – ha!)
    nope, no black eyes jackie – thank goodness! hahaha
    miffy – so glad you enjoyed the image…teehee
    and kerensa – i loved your pun, and agree it brightened his day ~ why else would he stop his truck and introduce himself to the crazy lady in the black nightgown so early in the morn’n? :)

    am hoping this week’s trash collection is MUCH less eventful.

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