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Greenbelt and thanks

What a lovely way to wake up in the morning… to find LOTS of welcome wishes from you. Thank you :) You all are very funny… especially the Brits vs. Aussies… do I detect a hint of competition??! …Ah, yes, the time difference will always be noted – I probably won’t post until I get home after work (except today)… which means it’ll be about 8 or 9 my time… add 7 or 8 hours…it’ll be a day behind most everyone… I suppose I’ll greet you online when you wake up in the morning :) (oh, what’s the time difference between the UK and Australia?)

What is Greenbelt? I’ve been reading a lot about it, and gather it’s kind of a religious gathering of people in a field for fellowship and prayer … am I close? …similar to a Christian Woodstock? Please set me straight.

Well, today is my day to really get settled in my new home… I just moved in a few weeks ago, and am in a sea of boxes. I have all of the essentials… some clothes, a few pots/pans/plates, and my music… but the rest of it is all packed away. It’s time to stop feeling like a guest in my own home – and really get settled. Perhaps I’ll put on some music (play it loudly) and feel the groove while making my house a home…

OH! Can you recommend some artists? Since most of you are from cultures other than my own, you might have some really neat musicians to recommend… I like Simon&Garfunkel, October Project, U2, Erasure, Eden Burning, Sinead O’Connor, etc. I’m excited to learn about new musicians… Oh, one question for the Brits – is James Blunt a huge success in the UK? He’s huge here – women “swoon” and can’t get enough of him… just curious :)

Ok, today I need to assemble a table (it arrived in a box with all of its parts…hopefully), do laundry (fold AND put away), and really unpack my kitchen – that’s a priority…I can do it! Yes I can!

Be well – thanks for reading – hope you all have a good day…