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the balloon fairy

am trying to sell my condo… today was the first time i advertised it in the local paper… so, to help with the grand opening i got helium balloons… white and red – to match the ‘for sale by owner’ sign.

it must have been quite a sight to see me with a huge bouquet of balloons, trying to get them untangled so i could tie them onto the signs… some of them i had to give up on (too tangled) it was pretty funny – hope to have provided LOADS of entertainment to passersby.

…no nibbles today, but i’m not discouraged – someone showed it yesterday to a delightful young girl who’s looking to move out of her parent’s house. i’ll follow up later this week.

anyway, after the open house i thought “what shall i do with these balloons? can’t save them… they’ll deflate by next weekend… hmmmm.” so i drove over to my nieces’ house (three girls under the age of 8) and i tied some to the lamp post… some to the porch stair, some to the porch rail… and a few on an iron chair.

and then i sneaked away – i hope they see that the balloon fairy visited them this afternoon. i considered calling and asking if they’ve seen the balloon fairy around the neighborhood, but i wonder if they’ll put 2 & 2 together by themselves…?

(i’m anticipating a slightly confused phone call from my sister at some point this evening… asking if i know anything about balloons in their front yard.)