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the shorter version, continued

…so remember that grill i picked up that was rusted through? well… by the time i got home tonight, i decided i’d see if the garbage men would take it in the morning… who knows? it’s worth a try.

so i rolled it to the curb. if they didn’t take it, no big deal… i’d find a way to take it to the recycling center or someplace for parts.

…tonight, after dark, i heard lots of banging outside. then it stopped. then more rattling and banging. it sounded somewhat familiar. …more noise… i finally stopped what i was doing and peered out the window.

two guys in a big car were taking out the grill racks, and took the grill! they were working quickly… like little elves. they were talking quietly…moving fast… and then, zoom – they were gone. i laughed out loud.

one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. congratulations! hope they enjoy it…. hope they have fun with it, and can make it work – see, i like that it was recycled… the old grill was wanted… now it has a nice new home. hopefully they won’t rust any new parts :)

it’s a long story… here’s the short(er) version.

ok, so now that i finally have a house, i can fulfill my dream of getting a gas grill. i looked in the paper, on craigslist.com (basically online “classifides” ads), and found one in good working condition (or so i thought). …borrowed a car, picked up the grill (tied to the car within an inch of its life so it wouldnt’ fall out onto the road during transit), and brought it home… only to discover that, indeed, all of the important gas-y parts were rusted. all the way. (see, gaskets and tubes and nuts/bolts rattled loose while it bumped around in the car…so by the time i got home i had a completely un-usable grill) rats. …my brother in law said it wasn’t worth salvaging, i needed to get new inside-pieces…which cost as much as a new grill. double rats.

…so, i’ve been contemplating the gas grill. is it ecological? safe? why do i really want one? …honestly, it’s so i can cook and not have to clean a pot or pan. you know, if i did shish-ka-bobs, i wouldn’t have to clean a plate either. …and it’s heathy – i can grill veggies and meat w/o lots of unhealthy cooking ‘stuff’

…now that i’ve gone through the thought process… i decided to wait until the holiday weekend, and get one on sale. that would be today.

found one – about half the origional sticker price. yae! checked around at other stores… yes, this is the grill for me. found a store clerk, he got a dolly… he, his helper, and i rolled it the car and… tripple rats. won’t fit.

we tried all different configurations… in this way… that way… turned slightly, try this door… nada. (we three were silent while we thought about how to fit this seemly medium-sized box into my 4-door fuel efficient car)

Ah-ha! take it OUT of the box! Whooo-hoo, we felt brilliant. So here we are, in the middle of the parking lot, ripping apart the medium-sized box, thrilled with our mutual enlightenment… oh, here’s a piece, make sure you get that – do you have the manuel? put this up here, no, that way – right. some more boxes – give them here… got it?

… the guys even got the heavy grill top into my trunk – i’m very impressed. (i must admit, the story would have been funnier if after all that work it still didn’t fit… and i had to return the grill, 100% out of the box… but alas, it has a happy ending)

So, i’m driving along, and decide to pick up the gas tank too. (hey, maybe i’ll have enough energy when i get home to actually GRILL some chicken or fish or something for dinner) …after exiting the gas tank store… placing the gas tank carefully inside my car (so as not to roll around)… i realize how important it is for me to drive carefully… and make sure no one crashes into me… because i have this HIGHLY EXPLOSIVE material in my front seat. …did i mention it was flammable?

well, the drive home was a little different than how i got there – i’m new to the area, and when i saw a familiar road name, i just turned right. However, i failed to realize it was “old road”… so i’m meandering along twisty-curvy roads with a ‘SLOW – 20 miles per hour’ sign on every turn… at this point, i thought it would have been rather poetic if i got hit and we created a fireworks show (truly, i’m not a dark individual…this is just a sample of what runs around in my head).

…finally got to a location that was familiar… tried to find another store (i’m all about being efficient while doing errands)…and decided that since i haven’t gotten into an accident thus far, i shouldn’t bet against the odds… so i headed home.

the first thing i did was get the gas tank out of my car.

i’ll probably put it all together next weekend – you’re all invited. a cook-out. but you must promise to drive carefully.