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stepping out

have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone?

have been feeling under the weather recently… this is my 2nd day off from work, have accomplished nothing except moving in slow motion and doing mundane tasks with increasingly great effort.

In lieu of being crabby or feeling down, I thought “I know!  I’ll make a happy list!  Perhaps this will be the beginning of a new blog entry…”

  1. good friends
  2. robutussin
  3. cellular phone service
  4. a working car
  5. tissues
  6. lotion
  7. soap
  8. fresh water
  9. hepa vacuum
  10. electricity, for that matter
  11. comphy bed upon which to lay my head
  12. poetry, spontaneous and otherwise
  13. Home Goods store  (as i have decided to buy 1 or 2 plates of patterns i like…and fill my kitchen with an eclectic beautiful set of dishes when the ******* kitchen is complete)
  14. cranberry juice: while flavorful, it is not citrus based, therefore does not interfere with medications, while being highly hydrating.
  15. the public library
  16. lists

The kitchen project is still underway.  It has take sooooooooo much longer than originally planned.  I thought in this economy, it would be fairly easy to get the work done well in a timely manner.  Unfortunately, most of the men who have played a hand in the rehab project have proved themselves incompetent.  They need a keeper.  Instead of being homeowner/customer, I’m also the general contractor, mother/supplier-of-things, and check-er-up-er-on-things-that-were-supposed-to-be-accomplished-in-an-efficient-and-quality-manner.

it’s exhausting.

Work is intense.  I need to hold on tight to my Half-Full attitude…as it’s such a negative environment it’s difficult to fight sometimes.  I dont’ want to be 32 and bitter and angry and irritated in my job and the work environment… I want to be 32 and happy and outgoing and thrilled at the opportunities my job sets at my feet.

I stepped out of my comfort zone, and was encouaged this week: went to a group for single women at the church… its focus is ‘intimacy’ which includes intimacy with G-D, intimacy with friends/familiy, and intimacy with the opposite sex.  So far, it was validating, in a way, to hear about other women’s struggles with similar issues… the first meeting was all about introductions and making short & long-term plans/goals.  Hopefully there will be some fruit evident in my life as this little excurion continues… whether it’s tilling the cold hard soil, planting seeds, watering a little plant,  pruning, or even celebrating with a fresh piece of fruit on a hot summer’s day.  Who knows?  it’s a journey.

earlier today, a little before now…

While I type this, am in the process of taking my temperature, and have created a list-of-things-to-do today while home sick.  What’s interesting is that I began a project that was not on my original list… but I will add it to said list so that I may immediately cross it off.

  1. get security bars for exterior door [edit: will accomplish tomorrow on way home from work ]
  2. pick up chicken soup (or something) from grocery store [edit: didn’t have an appetite…oh well ]
  3. rake and/or mulch leaves in yard
  4. make bed w/ flannel sheets… move bed to other wall, unplug/plug in lamps, rearrange bedroom…
  5. clean clutter in kitchen [edit: will accomplish before heading to bed]
  6. remove outside hose, turn off water to spigot… clear spout of water (so it doesn’t freeze & expand) [edit: could only do 1/2… turns out the piping for the new furnace i installed last fall is blocking the water pipe shut-off-valve… rats!  must call handyman or plumber… yikes. ]
  7. cancel dr. appointment [edit: oops – too late… try tomorrow.  Done!]
  8. organize linen closet (so far i’ve organized sheet sizes, towel sizes, curtains/tablecloths, washcloths, and hand towels… now it’s a matter of putting them back into the closet… wish me luck)

…that should be enough time… ah, yes – fever down a bit, but still elevated…. it’s nice to be validated w/ a real fever when i’ve been feeling rather crummy as of late :)

feeling like a Princess

where did the day go? i did not sleep well last night… was up at 4 (went down around 1)… did some stuff… here’s how i succeeded in getting to now starting from then:

1) went to hardware store to exchange wood for right size (for my bed slats… it all works now, and i feel like a grown up in a four post bed… after 4 long years i finally have a real bed)

2) returned metal bed slats to the bedroom store… there was only one salesperson, i had to wait about 15 minutes while he worked with another customer. instead of being irritated, i giggled and laughed out loud at one point… the customers were charaters, and it was highly entertaining for me to observe him trying to conduct a 3-ring circus. …btw, my transaction took approximately 2 minutes…

3) returned chainsaw to another hardware store… exchanged, really… it was leaking oil. i blamed my brother (silently) for the oil spills… but came to realize the new chainsaw had a slow leak… i apologized to him (again, silently… if i were to speak this apology, it would lead rise to explaining the whole story…sometimes it’s ok to not explain)

4) went through the drive-thru pharmacy to pick up an inhaler… i’ve been wheezing a lot… asthma. it was kind of odd to pick up my drugs from a drive thru… “Patient’s name?…Ok, and do you want fries with that?”

5) washed dishes – to make myself happy and think there’s a dish-washing fairy…it’s always a surprise to find clean dishes… now i need to find the fairy who puts them up in the cupboard…”Oh fairrrrrrrrrrrry…!”

6) took a nap (to help heal, recoup, reenergize) on my newly assembled bed… i felt like a princess… in a fairytale… sleeping in a high, warm, post bed.

7) someone called yesterday to see my condo (hooray!!!!!!) we had an appointment for today at 5pm. Terrific. I went over earlier to turn on the air conditioning, check stuff out, make sure things were in order…did more errands, went home. I got dressed up in nice professional clothes, then i got there at 4:45 to turn on lights and get the brochure ready… then went down to meet the man at the entrance…

he never showed. …i called at 5:20, left a message that i’d stay until 5:30 unless i heard from him…very nice and breezy… no call. Rats. I was bummed… really would love to sell the place and move forward with other things. It’s 8:37pm now, and still no call. Rats-rats. Hope Sunday’s 1st advertised “open house” goes well. wish me luck.

8) changed into my pajamas… watched some television… checked a few email messages… and am ready to crawl into bed. yes, perhaps that’s the nicest, quickest ending to a rather unusual but somewhat productive & quazi-rejuvenating day.

i must admit, overall, i was able to clear my head a bit… tomorrow seems less daunting. i can make lists now (see above) so i can jot down all the things i didn’t get to today… or things i may have thought of today… much improved. things are much improved. i’d rate this as an 8 on a 10 pt scale of ‘effective use of sick-time.’

hope all of your wish lists come true…